Will the Oakland Athletics, the only single-digit multiplier in the major leagues, transfer the No. 1 OPS hitter with a lot of service time left this summer?

Auckland is recording a 0.214 win rate of 9 wins and 33 losses in the season until the 15th (hereinafter Korean time). This is the lowest score in the entire major league. The only team that has yet to win 10 games.

However, the current major league OPS player is in Oakland. Brent Rooker (29), who is in his 4th year in the major leagues, is the main character.

Rooker, an outfielder in his fourth year in the major leagues, recorded a batting average of 0.308, 11 homers, 29 RBIs, 19 runs, 36 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.420 and an OPS of 1.069 in 35 games until the 15th.카지노사이트

He also has a good walk/strikeout ratio with 21 walks and -34 strikeouts. As a result, it seems that several clubs that need an outfielder will covet him.

But Oakland are unlikely to trade Rooker this summer despite their recent fire sale. happy hour problem.

Rooker came to the majors in 2020, but hasn’t played in many games in that time. Accordingly, he will qualify as a free agent (FA) player after the 2027 season.

In other words, what we can have for the next five seasons. There is no reason to sell now. Also, even if Oakland is a tanking team, a certain level of performance is necessary.

In particular, Auckland is about to relocate to its hometown. It needs a star to absorb baseball fans in its new hometown, Las Vegas.

So it’s unlikely that Oakland will trade Rooker to another team this summer.

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