Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani (29) struck out 13 strikeouts, the most in a single game, but became a losing pitcher. 

On the 4th (hereinafter Korean time), Ohtani started in an away game against the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2023 Major League Baseball held at St. Louis Busch Stadium in Missouri, USA, and scored 4 runs with 5 hits (2 home runs) in 5 innings, 1 walk, 1 walk, 13 strikeouts. 

Ohtani was exempt from the requirement for a first loss of the season as the Angels won again 6-4, but his season ERA rose from 1.85 to 2.54. Following the match against Oakland Athletics on the 28th of last month (5 runs in 6 innings), more than 4 runs were allowed in 2 consecutive games. 

Ohtani, who gave up the first run after Nolan Gorman hit a solo home run in the first inning, allowed the game to turn around again with 3 runs in the 4th inning when the score turned 3-1. Nolan Arenado and Wilson Contreras hit back-to-back doubles and Ohtani, who conceded an extra run, was hit by a two-run home run by Dylan Carson, hit by a sweeper. 

Although he was defeated with two home runs in two consecutive games, his 13 strikeouts tied the record for the most in an individual game. On June 23 last year, he recorded 13 strikeouts against the Kansas City Royals. Ohtani, who also set a major league personal record of 500 strikeouts, ranked first in strikeouts (59) in the American League. 크크크벳

Ohtani, who struck out all three out counts in the 1st, 2nd and 5th innings, was satisfied with 5 innings with a total of 97 pitches. He threw a mix of splitters (5) and sinker (4), centering on sweeper (52) and four-seam fastball (36). His four-seam fastball velocity was the highest of 100.2 miles (161.3 km) and the average was 98 miles (157.7 km). 

Ohtani, who fell behind 3-4 and met the conditions for defeat, laughed at the Angels’ 6-4 come-from-behind victory. The Angels turned 5-4 with Mike Trout’s solo shot in the ninth inning following Jake Lam’s solo shot to tie the score. Ohtani’s mid-month double and Anthony Rendon’s timely hit added 1 point to seal the score. 

Ohtani, who came out as the third designated hitter, played an active role with 3 hits, 1 RBI, and 1 run in 5 at-bats, including a right-handed hit in the 1st inning, 1 RBI in the 3rd inning, and a right-handed hit in the right hand, followed by a double in the 9th inning. Ohtani, who had a streak of hits in the last six games, also increased his season batting average from 2.94 to 3.7 (35 hits in 114 at-bats). 

The Angels, who won 3 consecutive wins, marked 17-14, and St. Louis, who lost 5 in a row, fell to 10-21.

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