16 pros and 3 amateurs won the 2023 Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) regular tour (first division) Lotte Open ticket.

At the Lotte Skyhill Buyeo Country Club (par 72, 6076 yards) in Chungcheongnam-do, the opening game of the 2023 KLPGA Dream Tour (2nd division), the SBS Golf Lotte Open, was held until the 28th with a total prize money of 70 million won (winner 10.5 million won).

SBS Golf and Lotte held the existing ‘Lotte Open Qualifying Tournament’ as a single event to revitalize the Dream Tour. 2017 KLPGA regular tour rookie Jang Jang-soo (25) won the championship with a final total of 13 under par, 131 strokes (63-68), and 2023 national team Sangbigun Yang Hyo-jin (16) won the tournament runner-up and amateur 1st place with 10 under par 134 strokes (66-68) occupied

Yang Hyo-jin got the qualification to participate in the Lotte Open given to the top 3 amateurs in the final score. It is an opportunity to take advantage of the experience of participating in the 2022 KLPGA regular tour’SK Networks Seoul Economic Daily Ladies Classic’ as a recommended player and finishing in a tie for 14th place.

Kim Bo-bae 2 (29) cut 5 strokes only in the second round and finished 3rd in the SBS Golf Lotte Open with a final total of 8 under par (69-67) and 136 strokes, and Kim Na-young (20) finished 4th with 7 under par and 137 strokes (68-69). Record and earned the right to participate in the Lotte Open.

Sae-Romi Kim (25, Nexen), Bo-Gyeom Park (25, Ankang Construction), Eun-Chae Cho (28), Kyo-Rim Seo (17), and Su-Min Oh (15), who competed as professionals, also qualified for the Lotte Open by finishing tied for 5th at the SBS Golf Lotte Open. got it

Lee Hye-jeong (28) Kim Bo-mi 3 (20) Hwa-young Hwang (31) Lee Seon-yeong 2 (23, On/Off Golf) Lee Soo-min (29) Park Joo-eun (24) Shin Mi-jin (25, Kyochon Chicken) Yang Hee-joo (23) Yoo Hyun-joo (29, Doosan Engineering & Construction) Kim Hyo-moon ( 25) also became a professional player participating in the Lotte Open with her SBS Golf and Lotte Open results.온라인바카라

In 2023, national representative Park Ye-ji (18, KB Financial Group) finished the SBS Golf Lotte Open with a final total of 4 under par (70-70) tied for 12th place. She didn’t make the top 3 amateurs, but she played well.

International Tour members Chen Yuju (26) and Katie Yu (22) tied for 28th and 34th at the SBS Golf and Lotte Open, raising expectations for the Dream Tour in the 2023 season.

Co-hosted by SBS Medianet and Lotte and supervised by KLPGA, the final round of the tournament will be recorded and broadcast on April 12th at 7:00 pm on SBS Golf, the main broadcasting company.

The 2023 KLPGA regular tour Lotte Open will be held for four days from June 1st at Bear’s Best Cheongna in Incheon with a total prize money of 800 million won (winner 144 million won).

2023 KLPGA regular tour ‘Lotte Open’ list of finalists* Dream Tour Opening Day ‘SBS Golf Lotte Open’ 16 pros in order of performance : Jang Eun-soo Kim Bo-bae 2 Kim Na-young Kim Sae-romi Park Bo-gyeom Eun-chae Cho Hye-jung Kim Bo-mi Kim 3 Hwang So-young Lee Sun-yeong 2 Lee Soo-min Park Joo-eun Shin Mi-jin Yang Hee-joo Yoo Hyeon-joo Kim Hyo -moon 3 amateurs: Yang Hyo-

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