From the most perfect high school baseball pitcher, he has now become an ‘unfinished’ standby. Will he be able to show a different side of himself in the regular season with about a month left?

The Lotte Giants registered pitcher Kim Jin-wook in the first team ahead of the game against LG Twins in Jamsil on the 22nd. Kim Chang-hoon was canceled.토토사이트

The match was canceled at around 4:40 p.m. due to heavy rain. Kim Jin-wook’s first-team comeback has been delayed. In the game on the 23rd, Aaron Wilkerson and Lee Jeong-yong from both teams will return to the rotation with a delay of one day.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton, whom I met before the game, looked a bit tired even after a day off. During the week, he swept the series against SSG Landers and raised the momentum of 3 consecutive winning series, but allowed an unexpected sweep to Kiwoom Heroes, who were at the bottom of the weekend. It was a come-from-behind defeat in all three games.

It was nice that it rained that day. Although Wilkerson’s start is delayed by a day, he’s able to give the jaded bullpen a break.

With Lee In-bok missing, there is no need to worry about filling an empty starting position. Coach Sutton explained, “For the match on the 24th, Shim Jae-min was preparing as the starter like the last time. However, thanks to the rain, Wilkerson will start again tomorrow, and Barnes will start on the 24th.”

In addition to this, Kim Jin-wook returned to the first team. It is also an element that will add strength to the tired bullpen. Manager Sutton welcomed him, saying, “I’m sure he has the ability to help the team.”

“(Like Shim Jae-min) can be selected as an alternate, can entrust 1 inning, and can play one point against a left-handed hitter. He is a player who is very helpful to the team on the day he gets his ball. Kim Jin-wook and Shim Jae-min will benefit greatly from the bullpen this week. I will give it.”

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