The competition for last-minute rankings is heating up among the top men’s professional basketball teams with only 2-3 games out of 54 regular season games.

Professional basketball Ulsan Hyundai Mobis prevented Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation from securing first place in the regular league ahead of the retirement ceremony of general manager Yoo Jae-hak.

Hyundai Mobis won the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball regular league Ginseng Corporation home game held at Dongchun Gymnasium in Ulsan on the 24th, 94-89.

4th place Hyundai Mobis recently recorded 33 wins and 19 losses with 6 consecutive wins and 4 consecutive wins in home matches.

On the other hand, Ginseng Corporation could have confirmed the 1st place in the regular league if they had won that day, but they promised the next time.

As of the 24th, KGC Ginseng Corporation (36-16) is leading the men’s basketball team, while Changwon LG (34-17) is in second place by 1.5 games. 3rd place Seoul SK (34-18) is chasing LG by 0.5 game difference, and 4th place Hyundai Mobis (33-19) is pressing 3rd place SK by 1 game difference.

5th place Goyang Carrot (26-25) and 6th place Jeonju KCC (23-29) also confirmed their advance to the semifinals.

As a result, if 2nd place Changwon LG loses to Suwon kt on the 25th, the 1st place of Ginseng Corporation is determined, and if LG wins on the 25th, if Ginseng Corporation wins the home game against Wonju DB on the 26th, the 1st place can also be confirmed.

If Ginseng Corporation wins only one of the remaining two games or LG loses only once, it will solidify its first place.

After the match, Hyundai Mobis prepared a retirement ceremony for general manager Yoo Jae-hak, who led the team for 19 years until last season.

It was a strange situation in which Ginseng Corporation could fire a celebration to confirm their first place in the regular league before the retirement ceremony of coach Jae-Hak Yoo, who passed the baton to coach Dong-Hyun Jo from this season and took over as general manager. only opened

Hyundai Mobis, which led by 32-18 in the first quarter, faced a crisis, such as being chased by 2 points at one point in the second quarter.

Hyundai Mobis, who finished the first half with a score of 51-46, widened the score again in the third quarter with Gage Prim and Seo Myung-jin scoring, and ran away to 66-51, 15 points.

However, the potential of the No. 1 Ginseng Corporation was not formidable. Ginseng Corp., which started chasing again, scored 81-79, 2 points with 5 minutes and 28 seconds left in the game, with Omari Spellman and Byun Jun-hyeong diligently scoring.온라인카지노

Ginseng Corp., which trailed by 3 points, had Park Ji-hoon’s shot under the net 19 seconds before the end was blocked by Hyundai Mobis Prime’s powerful block shot, and Spellman’s 3-pointer, which he tried 14 seconds before the end, also missed.

As a result of the video review of the touchout situation with 13.7 seconds left, Ginseng Corporation was given the right to attack.

For Hyundai Mobis, Prim recorded 23 points and 10 rebounds, while Seo Myung-jin and Ronjay Avarientos contributed 18 points and 7 assists.

In Ginseng Corporation, Spellman flew with 32 points and 14 rebounds, but the regular league championship was confirmed.

■ 3rd place SK 7 consecutive wins, 6 home wins in a row… Challenge to go directly to the semi-final playoffs

At the Jamsil Student Gymnasium, 3rd place Seoul SK beat 6th place Jeonju KCC 95-91 after overtime.

SK, which recently had 7 consecutive wins and 6 home wins, recorded 34 wins and 18 losses, chasing second-place LG (34 wins and 17 losses) by 0.5 games, which could go directly to the semifinal playoffs.

LG and SK will face off on the 26th in Changwon, Gyeongnam.

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