GS Caltex’s spring volleyball this season doesn’t seem easy.토토사이트

GS Caltex lost a set score of 1-3 (20-25, 25-14, 19-25, 14-25) in the 5th round of the Dodram Pro Volleyball 2022-2023 V-League Women’s IBK Industrial Bank confrontation held at Hwaseong Gymnasium on the 16th. got hit

Kang So-hui scored 13 points (attack success rate 40%), Kwon Min-ji scored 12 points (attack success rate 37.93%), and Moma also scored 12 points (attack success rate 40%), but GS Caltex fell into a two-game losing streak.

On the 2nd, GS Caltex, who had been on a three-game losing streak due to a 0-3 shutout loss against Hyundai E&C, succeeded in escaping the losing streak by defeating Pepper Savings Bank 3-0 on the 5th. On the 9th, they beat Korea Expressway Corporation 3-1 and succeeded in winning their second consecutive victory.

It seemed that the spring volleyball hopes were continuing. However, on the 12th, KGC Ginseng Corporation lost 1-3 and lost against IBK, and the losing streak was repeated again.

GS Caltex was in a position to lose 5th place to 6th place IBK Industrial Bank, rather than bring down 4th place KGC Ginseng Corporation (41 points). GS Caltex and IBK Industrial Bank are 2nd in points.

On this day, both teams had more than 20 errors. However, it was blocked by opponent middle blockers such as Choi Jeong-min and Kim Su-ji. It was also blocked by setter Kim Ha-gyeom. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea scored 12 points by blocking.

After giving away the first set, GS Caltex seemed to change the atmosphere in the second set, with Kang So-hui scoring 7 points, Moma scoring 4 points, and Kwon Min-ji scoring 3 points. However, in the 3rd set, I was caught in the room (6). On the other hand, IBK Industrial Bank has only two criminal rooms.

GS Caltex could not stop IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s main gun, Santana (10 points), in the 4th set.

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