This is the average ERA of Casey Kelly, the long-lived foreign pitcher of the LG Twins, over the past five years. Kelly, who had a career ERA of 2.89 until last year, is sluggish at 4.66 after repeating roller coaster pitching this season.토토사이트 He is 20th out of 21 pitchers who have filled the required innings.

LG was the first to reach the 60-win mark of the season with an 8-4 come-from-behind victory against Kiwoom held at Jamsil Stadium on the 12th. The second place SSG and the ride are 6 games. The probability of winning the regular season for the 60-win first team is 75.8% (25 out of 33). The probability of winning the Korean Series is 60.6% (20 out of 33).

The biggest concern for LG, which is trying to win the Korean series for the first time in 29 years since 1994, is the sluggish performance of Kelly, who won the most wins last year.

Kelly started as a starting pitcher against Kiwoom in Jamsil on the 11th and recorded 3 hits, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts and 3 runs in 5 innings. Kelly, who threw well in one game and had ups and downs with a poor pitch in one game, allowed only one hit and one walk until the 5th inning and was scoreless.

However, he was driven to the brink of the bases loaded safely with a straight walk-hit-straight walk in the 6th inning, leading 3-0. After the first walk, the pitching coach visited the mound and went down, but the sudden search for the ball continued. He was hit by Kim Hye-seong for 1 RBI in a timely manner, and was replaced at the bases loaded safely.

Director Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “The replacement was delayed because the next pitcher was late in the bullpen.” At the time of Kim Hye-seong, I tried to upload Kim Jin-seong, but I was not ready. Kim Jin-seong tied the score 3-3 with a push walk and sacrifice fly, and Kelly conceded 3 points.

Coach Yeom reviewed the game the day before on the 12th and said of Kelly, “I can’t say it’s good until the 5th inning.” Then he pointed out Kelly’s problem. It was a problem with off-speed pitches.

Director Yeom said, “The most important thing is the off-speed pitch. There must be a change-up or a forkball that falls into the bell, but the value of the change-up has fallen.”

“As I said before, the number of pitches increases, and when it collapses, it often collapses all at once this year. I will talk about off-speed pitches in depth once more. Because there is a season, if it is not made, we have no choice but to repeat the current process. I think I should explain it once.”

Kelly, who ranked 1st in most wins and 5th in ERA last year, has dramatically increased his changeup hit rate this year. As the dependence on the main weapon curve also increases, the hitters who have been dealing with for 5 years are getting used to it.

As LG recruited Choi Won-tae as a trade, the native starting lineup was reinforced, and the league’s strongest batting line and injured players returned one after another, so there are no major weaknesses. It firmly defends the 1st place in the regular season and shows a solo system.

In order to win the Korean Series, there must be a clear starter from 1 to 3 in the short game. Kelly, Plutko, and Choi Won-tae should be trusted as the 1st to 3rd starters. Until last year, Kelly was the ‘Autumn Man’. Until he became a losing pitcher in the 4th game of the playoffs with Kiwoom last year, Kelly was 3 wins and undefeated in 5 postseason games, and LG won all 5 games he started. We need to get back to what we were last year.

At the end of the first half, Kelly had a personal meeting with Yeom. Kelly, who was suffering from sluggish performance, requested a meeting with the director to hear his advice. Director Yeom prepared various data such as Kelly’s hit rate by pitch type and ball mix by count and talked about ‘pitching design’.

At the time, coach Yeom advised a change in pitching design, saying, “After the 2nd strike, the hit rate of the changeup is close to 40%. The value of the changeup pitch has decreased.” The changeup is still a problem. What solution will you find?

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