It’s all about money. When I first signed it, it was good, but when the transfer market is over, the pressure doubles.

The star of the winter transfer market that ended a while ago was Chelsea. Following the summer of last year, he did not stop taking wide strides. He didn’t stop spending despite the question, “Should I pay that much to recruit?” 안전놀이터

Chelsea spent more than £300 million (452 ​​billion won) in January alone. Enzo Fernandez was brought in for £107 million (approximately 161 billion won), the highest transfer fee ever in the Premier League, and seven players, including Mihailo Mudric and David Dartro Popana, were signed. Including the money spent last summer, they paid £600m (approximately 905 billion won) in the two transfer windows alone.

The owner’s hot investment is the romance that all coaches want. However, the responsibility according to the grades becomes heavier. Even after recruiting so many players and reinforcing our strength, if the results are not good, it is entirely the coach’s fault. There is no excuse.

First of all, on the 4th (Korean time), the first game played after the winter transfer market, Fulham and Premier League home game drew 0-0. It was a game that was more disappointing than expected.

Chelsea have only one win in their last seven matches. Premier League standings are 9th.

A top-four finish will qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season. Currently, they are 9 points behind 4th placed Manchester United. The gap could widen as Chelsea played one more game.

Still, Chelsea manager Graham Porter is confident. “I am confident in the potential of our team. I think we can go to the European Champions League by finishing in the top four of the Premier League. I am full of confidence in our ability,” he said.

“What we have to do now is to energize the team. It’s a challenge and a mission for us. Right now, I don’t want to worry about where we’ll be in four or five months. I’ll focus on training the next day and the next game.” I made up my mind.

Gary Neville, a former Manchester United legend and football commentator for Sky Sports, predicts that Chelsea could go through a period of transition for quite some time. Neville said: “Chelsea and manager Porter need time. It may take longer than expected for new players to adapt and melt. It will be labeled as a billion-pound spending,” he said.

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