The official transfer of Kim Min-jae to Bayern Munich may come out today.

Reporter Florian Plettenberg of Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’, who is very good at Munich information, said on his personal SNS on the evening of the 18th (Korean time), “Kim Min-jae will join Munich, which is conducting a training camp in Tegernsee this evening. “It’s not 100 per cent clear yet, but here’s the club’s plans. He’s already arrived in Munich, Germany.”바카라

Prior to this, reporter Plettenberg said, “The contract for Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Munich has been completed. Everything has been made clear. Munich wants to make an official announcement this week. Kim Min-jae will go on an Asian tour next Monday with new colleagues. It seems to be,” he reported.

Reporter Fabricio Romano, who is known as an expert in the European transfer market and works in the UK’s ‘Guardian’, also said, “There is no problem with Min-jae Kim’s transfer to Munich. All that was left was to sign, and there was no problem.

The reason for Kim Min-jae’s official delay was negotiations between Napoli and Munich. Another transfer market expert, reporter Santi Auna of France’s ‘Foot Mercato’, said, “Munich and Kim Min-jae quickly reached an individual agreement, but the agreement on the final transfer conditions between the clubs remained. The reporter explained,

“Napoli wanted to include some bonuses and a cell-on clause (with Kim Min-jae’s transfer), and they achieved their goal. They can get more than the buyout in the medium to long term. The transfer will be official by the end of the week,” he said. A breakthrough in negotiations was prepared when Munich agreed to comply with Napoli’s request. As soon as the deal between Napoli

and Munich was completed, Kim Min-jae immediately boarded a plane to Germany. Kim Min-jae arrived in Germany. is expected to complete the transfer process immediately, and attention is also focused on how Munich will announce the signing of Kim Min-jae.

Munich is also expected to make a lot of effort to recruit Kim Min-jae, who will be the third highest transfer fee in the history of the club. You can take a look at it in advance through the signing of Mathais de Ligt, who wore a Munich uniform last summer.

When the signing of The Ligt, the second highest transfer fee in the history of the club, was announced, Munich captured all of The Ligt’s arrival at the airport, moving to the club’s office, and taking official videos and photos. The video captured the process of De Licht becoming a Munich player, from meeting with the club’s leadership to greeting the players.

Kim Min-jae, who was recruited for 50 million euros (approximately 71 billion won), is the second most expensive signing by Munich after The Ligt. Looking at the transfer fee history, it is the third-highest in the club’s history. Of course, I will put a lot of effort into the official process. Never before has a Korean player been treated so generously while transferring.

When Kim Min-jae’s transfer is completed, the ranking of the highest transfer fee in Asian history will also change. Currently, the highest transfer fee recorded by an Asian player is 35 million euros (approximately 49.7 billion won) recorded in 2017 by former Japanese national team member Shoa Nakajima. However, it was very controversial that Shoya’s transfer fee was excessive compared to the player’s ransom.

On the other hand, Kim Min-jae’s transfer fee is very cheap compared to the current value. The reason why Napoli tried to increase Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause in the middle of the season was that 50 million euros was too low for Kim’s skills. Right now, Kim Min-jae’s ransom alone is 60 million euros (approximately 85.2 billion won), which is higher than 50 million euros.

Now, attention is also being paid to what Kim Min-jae, coached by Thomas Tuchel, will show. Coach Tuchel is famous for assigning a lot of roles to centre-backs. As much as he is, he is also good at developing centre-backs. It is also expected to what extent Kim Min-jae, who has already become a world-class player, will grow to the level.

The reason Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Munich was able to proceed so swiftly was also because coach Tuchel really wanted Kim Min-jae. Germany’s ‘Sport Bild’ said on the 5th, “Coach Tuchel also contacted Min-jae Kim. To Coach Tuchel, Min-jae Kim is an absolutely dream-like center back. The reason Tuchel was delighted was that his preferred center back was about to move to Munich. He said that coach Tuhell also wanted to recruit Kim Min-jae very much.

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