Gunadan Incheon Shinhan Bank coach is determined to play the second game of the playoffs (PO), which may be the last, without regret. 

Shinhan Bank will play the 2nd round of women’s professional basketball PO between Asan Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-23 at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 13th at 7pm. 

Shinhan Bank lost 51-65 in the first game. The probability that the team that won the first round of PO will advance to the championship match is 85.1%. Shinhan Bank can only dream of a ‘miracle’ when it must win the second match. In the event of a loss in this match, the ticket to the championship match will be given to Woori Bank. 

Before the game, coach Gunadan said, “(Compared to the first game) I made a few modifications. But I don’t think we can stop everything at Woori Bank,” he said. 

“It’s difficult if Sonia Kim doesn’t release it aggressively. It was modified so that other players could touch the ball and shoot. Then Sonia Kim will have space. Even if you prepare, everything doesn’t go as planned. I hope the players will make good decisions on the court according to the situation,” he added. 

Tall Kim Tae-yeon will start. Director Gunadan said, “Even if I allow it to some extent, I try to find a plus factor. I think it’s right to send Taeyeon out first, and if things don’t go well, I think it’s right to switch to a small lineup.”  스포츠토토

I predicted that the game would work out only when we reduced our dependence on Kim Jin-young and Kim Sonia. Coach Kunadan said, “In the first game of PO, Kim Ah-reum, Han Chae-jin, and Kim Sonia shot 13 three-point shots and scored one. It’s not easy to find the answer if you don’t go in when you need to. If we don’t just rely on Kim Jin-young and Sonia, but also show other players concentrating when there is a chance, a good match will come out.” 

The team came together around Han Chae-jin, who could be the last in this match. Coach Gunadan said, “I think this season is probably the last for me. It’s my birthday again today. He said that today could be the last match. With one mind and one will, we said that we should run for each other no matter what the outcome is.” 

Finally, coach Gunadan said, “I’ve done well this season, and I learn a lot while working with Woori Bank. I think we can grow only when we do these things in more detail. We learn that in order to do well within the situation we have, we need to train more than we do now so that we can grow and move forward. I hope that the players will also become bigger players through this experience.”

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