Hitting coach Lee Ho-joon held an emergency meeting with coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop. It was because of Moon Seong-ju, a new hitter who emerged last year.

Coach Lee was surprised to see Moon Seong-joo’s hitting at the Arizona camp. Swing got bigger. When I asked why, he said it was to increase his slugging power. Moon Seong-ju recorded a batting average of 30% last year, but he is not a starter. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop’s initial plan for this season included right fielder Austin Dean, center fielder Park Hae-min, left fielder and designated hitter Kim Hyeon-soo and Hong Chang-ki. Moon Seong-joo is the fifth outfielder, and is the 5-minute stand-by team that is immediately put in if any of these four perform poorly or suffer an injury.

Since his position was not confirmed, Lee Jae-won and Song Chan-eui, etc., were able to see the outfield as well, so Moon Seong-joo paid attention to long hits to get a chance.

Moon Seong-ju boasted an accurate batting ability last season to the extent of competing for the off-field batting title. It was his first full-time season, and he struggled with physical deterioration at the end, but he posted a batting average of 3.3, 6 homers, 41 runs batted in, and an on-base percentage of . 4.1. His slugging percentage was also good at 0.823 with an OPS of . 온라인바카라

It is surprising to see a hitter with accuracy and good on-base hitting for a long hit.

Coach Lee, who saw this, requested a meeting with Manager Yeom to discuss the batting instruction of Moon Seong-joo. And on the 6th (Korean time), coach Lee and coach Mo Chang-min held a batting day for Sung-joo Moon. It was to regain the fast and concise swing unique to Moon Seong-ju.

In addition, director Yeom participated, and three leaders clung to Moon Seong-ju. Director Yeom saw Moon Seong-joo’s swing and praised Moon Sung-joo to the extent that he stopped hitting for a moment, saying, “It’s like Yelich.” He instilled confidence in Moon Seong-joo, saying that he could hit a home run with a simple and fast swing.

Moon Seong-joo said, “I thought a lot about long hits in the off-season. Since I’m small, I also thought that weight training shouldn’t work, and I wasn’t sure if it would work or not. did.

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