A fire at a factory of a large domestic tire manufacturer disrupted the domestic car racing competition. The racing team using tires produced in the factory that caught fire was unable to participate in the competition because there were no tires to use for the race car.

On the 3rd, the organizers of the 2023 CJ Logistics Super Race announced 8 teams and 18 drivers to compete in this season. However, the 2022 season winning team ‘AtrasBX Motorsport’ (AtrasBX) was excluded from the list of participating teams. Atlas BX is the strongest team in Korea, where Kim Jong-gyeom, the No. 1 driver last season, and Cho Hang-woo, the No. 메이저사이트

The reason the Atlas BX is unable to compete this season is because of the tires used for the race car. Atlas BX is a team sponsored by Hankook Tire, the parent company, so they have to use tires produced by Hankook Tire. However, all the racing tires produced by Hankook Tire were burned and there were no tires available for the event.

A large fire broke out at Hankook Tire’s Daejeon plant on the 12th of last month, burning down the second plant and burning 210,000 finished tires stored in the warehouse. The factory was also producing tires for the Atlas BX racing team to use in the competition, but the fire made tire production difficult.

The Atlas BX team ended up not participating in the Super Race this season as it was difficult to use tires from other domestic tire manufacturers instead of products from its parent company, Hankook Tire.

In addition to the Atlas BX team, some domestic racing teams that have been using Hankook tires are also expected to be significantly affected by tire supply difficulties. A racing team is known to use hundreds to thousands of tires in a season. It is known that some racing teams are considering using products from other tire manufacturers.

Meanwhile, due to the Hankook Tire plant fire, domestic racing competitions using Hankook Tire products are also expected to have an impact on the operation of the competitions.

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