For Hanwha right-handed pitcher Nam Ji-min (22), the rain was brutal. A valuable selection opportunity was blown away by the rain. 

Nam Ji-min was scheduled to start against Daejeon KT on Children’s Day on the 5th. It was an opportunity for revenge for Nam Ji-min, who was beaten early on the 16th of last month by collapsing with 7 hits, 1 walk and 7 runs in ⅓ innings against Suwon KT. 

Nam Ji-min, who came as a substitute starter for foreign pitcher Birch Smith, who was released due to a shoulder injury, is recording 4 losses and an ERA of 6.61 without a win in 5 games (16⅓ innings) this year. However, the remaining 3 games were all blocked by 2 runs or less. Excluding the 7 run record against KT, the average ERA for the season is good at 2.81. 스포츠토토

He saw an opportunity to take revenge against KT, but it was decided to cancel the rainy day because of the rain that fell across the country on Children’s Day. Hanwha coach Carlos Subero put Dong-ju Moon as the starting pitcher against KT on the 6th and delayed Nam Ji-min’s start to the 7th. 

However, the rain did not stop on the 6th, and it was canceled early due to rain. Coach Subero announced the selection against KT on the 7th as it was Dong-ju Moon, and Nam Ji-min’s selection against KT this weekend was also unsuccessful. There is no word on when the next selection opportunity will be. 

For Hanwha, substitute foreign pitcher Ricardo Sanchez was scheduled to debut on the 11th as a starter against Daejeon Samsung. “We are leaving open the possibility of using Nam Ji-min behind Sanchez,” said Hanwha coach Carlos Subero after the rain was canceled on the 6th. 

As this is his first appearance, Sanchez plans to pitch 55 to 65 pitches. As it is difficult to digest long innings, Nam Ji-min stands by as the second pitcher and prepares with a ‘1+1’ card. Due to the joining of Sanchez, one of the existing starters had to drop out of the rotation, but Nam Ji-min is expected to play the role of long relief for the time being. 

On the other hand, KT will present Sidearm Eom Sang-baek as the starting pitcher against Hanwha on the 7th. Ace Koh Young-pyo was announced as a starter against Hanwha on the 5th and 6th, but the selection was changed as it was canceled due to rain for two consecutive days. Um Sang-baek is fighting hard this season with an average ERA of 0.53 in 3 games (17 innings) with 1 win and 1 loss.

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