Henderson is gearing up for the NBA.

Scott Henderson, who plays for the G-League Ignite, had an interview with ‘NBC Sports’ on the 22nd (Korean time). Henderson talked about his career in the NBA.

Henderson is a top-class prospect with excellent athleticism and a variety of offensive skills. Dubbed the second Derrick Rose, he is expected to be the second pick in the 2023 NBA draft, behind French supernova Victor Wembanyama.

Henderson also participated in the 2023 Rising Star game and revealed his presence to NBA fans.

Henderson expressed his determination to advance to the NBA, saying, “I’m ready. I’m working to take it to the next level.”

Henderson is averaging 17.7 points, 4.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists in the G League this season. It is all the more surprising because he was born in 2004. As a result, NBA scouts are also interested in Henderson.

But Henderson also has weaknesses. It’s a 3-point shot. Henderson is shooting 2.3 3-pointers per game in the G League, making just 0.6. Only 28.0% 3-point shooting success rate.

Henderson explained, “I need to put consistency into my shots. And I have to communicate a lot on the court to be reborn as a leader. I think these elements are important.”

In order to develop into a better player, he is studying video with the coaching staff at Ignite.

Henderson expressed his desire to improve, saying, “I feel that watching videos is good. I continue to watch videos with the coaching staff. Even in the off-season, I will watch and study videos of some NBA teams.”메이저사이트

Then, which team would Henderson want?

Henderson said, “I’ve talked about this with my family. I’ve also talked to Scotty Barnes, who plays for the Toronto Raptors. Toronto is good, and I’ve also thought about San Antonio or Houston, where there are young core players.”

He added, “But I’m not thinking seriously because I don’t know which team I’ll be on. I’m trying to think only of things I can control.”

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