After 9 years of founding, he will rise to the top of Seoul City and participate in the national competition.

The AAFC Chungam U-12 team made a splendid achievement by standing at the top for the first time in the men’s elementary school at the ’52nd National Youth Sports Festival Seoul Representative Selection Match’ held at Hyochang Stadium in Seoul recently. This competition lasted six days from the 1st, and a total of 25 teams competed.

AAFC Chungam advanced to the semifinals by winning against Samseoncho in the round of 25, Geoyeocho in the round of 16, and Yanggangcho in the quarterfinals. In the semi-finals, he laughed dramatically at the end of a penalty shoot-out with Daedongcho, considered the birthplace of promising players. Then, he won the championship by scoring multiple goals in the final against K-League Kang Yong FC, which has established itself as an emerging powerhouse. 온라인바카라

AAFC Chungam coach Han Chul, who was also selected as the best coach at the 35th Cha Bum-geun Football Awards this year, said, “I am so proud and grateful to our players who did their best with a strong will to do their best against teams that are considered strong candidates for the championship.” revealed

AAFC Chungam does not break the principle of class 4 times a week with the goal of nurturing talented people with the right character and soccer players who study. In addition, based on positive coaching that can boost the morale of the players, all 16 players participated evenly, further increasing the value of the championship. In addition, through filming and editing within the team for each game, the motivation and sense of belonging of each player is also enhanced.

Coach Han Cheol said, “In the 9 years since AAFC Chungam was founded, we have won numerous competitions such as the National Elementary Soccer League, Hwarangdaegi, and Geumseokbae. I was able to step on a big stage. In particular, the players who couldn’t play due to registration regulations worked really hard,” he praised the team.

Next, coach Han Chul said, “I am grateful to CEO Park Jong-kyung and the AAFC Soccer Academy for their full support and interest in helping the team train comfortably. I can’t forget the thanks to the parents who believed in and followed me and helped me physically and mentally.” handed over

He also concluded, “I plan to focus on recovery and rehabilitation while preparing for the upcoming Youth Sports Festival.

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