I am here to dedicate my whole life to sharing miracles and letting Yeshua speak through me. It’s not so much about teaching words or concepts, it’s a state of mind. Teaching is demonstrating. It is an attitude, it is a way of being, it is a state of mind. When I think about mission, I think about accepting the atonement. Accepting the atonement is another way of saying that we have to find the Messiah within us.

For me to find the messiah A Course in Miracles within, is to find the Kingdom of Heaven within which Jesus spoke. The Kingdom of Heaven is God and the Love of God. The Kingdom of Heaven is our identity. I even like that Jesus says, in the course of miracles  that the word “within” is unnecessary, since the Kingdom of Heaven is you. That is a direct call to accept our true identity as the perfect Son of God and an eternal creation of an eternal Creator.

When we say messiah I think about presence. We have wonderful spiritual teachers who are teaching by pointing to the Spirit in many different ways, in different languages ​​and different traditions. Eckhart Tolle talks about presence and the present moment. Jesus calls it the holy instant, entering the holy instant and the presence of God’s love. Therefore, the Messiah is the presence, it is the I Am presence that is within us.

Prayer: singular desire for God

Since Messiah is presence, that means that we are going towards that presence. What I have felt, in my experience, is that one arrives, is reached and one merges with that presence through prayer.

To pray, Jesus says in the song of prayer, is synonymous with wishing. If you want food that is your prayer. If you want sex, if you want money, if you want security for the body, that is your prayer. But Yeshua teaches us that we have to let the look be singular.

If prayer is synonymous with desire, then we can go back to a character named King David, who wrote the psalms.

Let us look at the first line of this psalm, the Psalm of David: «The Lord is my shepherd, I will not want». The human being is a construct of the ego and is a bundle of desire preferences. That is the characteristic of the human being. It has a greater emphasis on the human than on the Being. The Messiah is the Being. But the human is what needs to be forgiven. This is having a heart that is not pure, desiring things that are not from the Creator. In the Ten Commandments he says, “You shall have no other gods before the Lord your God.” We know that this phrase is not about golden totem poles in Mesopotamia, we now know that they are the cosmic images of space time. The black holes, the mountains, the oceans, men, women and children, the fish in the blue sea, all are images, but the presence I am is prior to all these images of the Cosmos; “Before Abraham was born, I am.” So, the present moment, the I Am, is not between the past and the future. That is the invention of the ego, linear time, past, present, future. Eternity has no connection to linear time. Jesus says that both time and eternity are in your mind and will conflict until you perceive time. only  as a means to reach eternity. Until the sentence is: “How can it be truly useful?”, until the sentence is: “Show me forgiveness, truly,” until the sentence is: “Let me love as God loves,” time and eternity coexist and they will be in conflict until time has been perceived  only  as a means to reach eternity.

Jesus says that even some of the prayers like that of St. Francis: “Not my will, but Your Will be done” are only the first step to being able to let go of the ego, but he wants you to accept the will of our Creator. He emphasized to me that in the Bible he said “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven” but that in the Course he emphasizes: “May your will be first of all to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.” 토토사이트

Strengthen, develop your will so strongly that you know no other opposite or nothing but the Will of God.

Desire is the altar, the altar of the heart and mind. What we put on this altar is what we experience. In the Course of Miracles Yeshua is saying that “the truth is restored to you when you want it, just as you lost it when you wanted something else.” Yeshua gave me a whole system called and he showed me where perception was, where emotions, thoughts, beliefs were, and then in the center of his diagram was prayer, was desire. There I saw it! I must pray without ceasing. That’s where purification comes from, it’s on the altar. We reach out to God through words or behavior or actions. We came through grace! It is the grace of a purified heart and a purified mind. This is how we find the happiness of the Holy Spirit and that is the Messiah within.

Forget this world!

Meekness is one of the characteristics of a teacher of God. The meekness that I experience comes from “The Lord is my shepherd, I will not want to.” When we cling to a self-concept of the world, we are going to try to defend that self-concept, that image and the experience of Christ, the inner Messiah is not personal. It is not confined to a person, a personality, or the body in any way, shape or form. It is so vast and has no direct connection with a body. The inner Messiah is a state of mind and is a presence that is not in a body and never was in a body. The presence can use the body as a marionette or a puppet. You can talk through it, you can smile through it, and hug through it with no problem. But the word of God never enters time and space. As Jesus says in the Course: “The Bible says: The Verb (or thought) became flesh. Strictly speaking that is impossible, since it seems to imply that one order of reality became another. There are not two orders of reality. There is only one reality. That is eternity. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. In this lies the peace of God.”

So I have shared and what I share when the spirit comes through me is:

I am calling you to leave the world of time. I am calling you to abandon races. I am calling you to abandon families. I am calling you to quit jobs. I am calling you to leave countries. I am calling you to abandon concepts. Even the concept of God’s teacher is a concept that must give rise to presence. Because that presence simply is. It is without opposite. Those who follow this Spirit put aside, in their mind, the desire for the things of this world. What are the things of this world? I would say that they are things of the past and of the future.

God knows the prayer of our hearts before the first word is said. God knows the desire that lies at the core of our being before a single word is spoken. This means that what appear to be behaviors, words, and actions come from our thoughts. It is about thinking with God instead of trying to think against God.

be a living miracle

We are messengers of Peace. We are messengers of Light. We focus on The Messiah and not on the error. We will not get to the experience of being The Messiah if we focus on the error.

Jesus says in the course that you are not responsible for the error, you are responsible for accepting the correction of the error. The Messiah is the correction, he is the presence. Presence is the correction of the world of time and space. Now that is our mission. Our mission is to be happy. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of joy. Our mission is to be joy, our mission is to be peace.

Once we give our life to The Messiah, to learn to be the Messiah, to accept that we are the Messiah, that we are the Savior of the world, everything is given to us effortlessly. Every person we have to meet, every book we have to read, every thing. There is not an atom in the universe of time and space that is out of place. The entire universe conspires with a single purpose, so that we accept ourselves in our minds as The Messiah, the living Christ.

That is my mission, that is my message. Be a living miracle to bless the world. Extend your miracles how they are guided, through the inner messiah. Do not try to perform Miracles on your own, because there are no miracles on your own. We are all the same and we are all brothers and sisters of the same spirit.

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