“It will be a difficult game, but victory is the goal.”

‘Hwang Seon-hongho’, who is aiming for the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, started training at Aiqing High School in Jinhua, China at 8 pm (Korean time) on the 18th. Coach Hwang Seon-hong and the players, excluding Lee Kang-in, who will join Hangzhou on the 21st after playing the first leg of his team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) against Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League, unpacked in Jinhua on the 16th and returned on the 17th. Following this, the second day of training began. 토토사이트

Sunhongho Hwang will challenge for his third consecutive gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. Korea won gold medals at both the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games.

Coach Hwang Seon-hong, who met with reporters before full-scale training, said, “This is a game where we definitely want to win and must win. We will win. I believe that we will win if we maintain composure and have patience rather than feeling rushed and pressured. We will repay you with good results. Thank you for your support.” “Please,” he opened his mouth. Next is a Q&A with director Hwang Seon-hong.

This is the first match for the entire Korean team at the Asian Games.

-It’s a lot of pressure, but I completely understand. There is also a morale problem with the entire Korean team. The team will work together to provide good energy with the mindset of representing (Korea).

The sun has set, but the temperature is high, over 30 degrees.

-A lot of water has been excreted, so I am replenishing moisture sufficiently. We are trying to lower our body temperature during the game. Everyone competes in the preliminaries on the same level. You have to adapt.

The team’s condition is.

-Currently, there are not many injured players. The condition is not bad and is maintained well. I think that if we maintain well today and tomorrow, we will be able to compete in good condition.

The first game was always difficult.

-I am thinking of several plans, A and B. I don’t think the game will go our way. It will be a difficult game, but victory is the goal. You have to do it to win. After 90 minutes, we will be the winning team.

To what extent has the relative analysis progressed?

-(Kuwait) is not very detailed, but it is very linear and powerful. There is a lot of power struggle. It becomes difficult if you let it dry on your face. What matters is how well you prepare and maintain composure.

There is a game (against Thailand) two days after the first game.

-The second and third games are important, but the first game is the most important. I will do my best tomorrow. The plan for the second Gyeonggi Province has been completed, but that’s a problem for later.

There is a PSG game early in the morning on the 20th.

-(Lee Kang-in) I think it would be good if he is in good condition and plays a lot of time. It would be good to maintain 100% condition. (Will I watch the game?) I will watch the game.

What is Lee Kang-in’s joining schedule?

-It is scheduled to arrive after 6pm (local time) on the 21st. We have to keep making it. Appoint them after careful inspection and sufficient consultation.

What is the mood of the players ahead of the competition?

-Takes the first of seven steps. You should think of every game as a final, but what is important is how well you can find composure in urgent situations. That part is emphasized the most.

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