WKBL announced the results of the second round of FA negotiations.

The Korean Women’s Basketball League (WKBL) announced the results of the second round of negotiations for the 2023 FA on the 20th. Kim Han-byeol, Kang I-seul, and Kim Jin-young, who were selected as the biggest fish, stayed at Cheongju KB, Busan BNK, and Incheon Shinhan Bank, respectively.

In addition, Kim Han-bi (Samsung Life Insurance), Go Ara, Roh Hyun-ji, Park Da-jeong (Woori Bank), Kim So-dam, and Sim Seong-young (KB) also chose to stay. Eleven players signed with the original team through the second round of negotiations. 먹튀검증

Some players have left the team. Kim Jong-un, one of the biggest FA players, left Woori Bank and moved to Hana 1Q. He signed a contract for 3 years and 250 million won. Kim Ye-jin left Hana 1 Q and moved to KB. The contract period and size were 3 years and 80 million won.

In addition, Lee Jeong-hyun (Hanawon Q) and Park Ji-eun (KB) will proceed with the third round of negotiations, and Choi Hee-jin (KB) has decided to retire.

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