Asia’s 3-cushion dominance continues.

South Korea and Vietnam swept the first day of qualifying for the Ho Chi Minh 3 Cushion World Cup.

South Korea and Vietnam swept the first round of the Ho Chi Minh 3 Cushion World Cup 2023 (PPPQ) at the Nguyen Du Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with eight players each topping their respective groups and earning 16 tickets to the second round (PPQ).

Out of 23 Korean players in the first day’s competition, Park Jung-woo (Group A), Cho Soo-hyun (Group F), Lee Tae-geun (Group G), Lee Dong-han (Group L), Ko Hyun-woo (Group M), Kim Tae-hyun (Group N), Jung Dong-geun (Group O), and Yoo Yoon-hyun (Group P) won two games and topped their respective groups.

Park Jung-woo (18), a ‘Top 10 Expectation’, won Group A with a high run of 9 points, defeating Kiyota Atsushi (JPN) 30:17 in 14 games and then defeating Kim Gap-se (JPN) 30:28 (25 games).

Kim Tae-hyun (Nambu University 1), who was named the Best High School Men’s Player at the 2023 Korean Billiards Federation New Year’s Day Ceremony in February, defeated Choi Sung-bo (Korea) and Van Hoang Ba (Vietnam) in Group N.메이저사이트

In Group P, Yoo Yun-hyun defeated Won Jae-yoon and then swept Jang Sung-won 30:8 in just 13 innings, finishing first overall with a two-match average of 1.818.

Meanwhile, 15 other Korean players, including ‘teenage rookies’ Kim Ha-eun and Kim Gun-yoon, struggled to finish in second or third place in their respective groups.

Watch all matches live online on Africa TV
Sky Sports to show key matches from the third qualifying round onwards
Eight Vietnamese players – Wing Dinh Quyen (Group B), Wing Duc Luck (Group C), Pham Quoc Thic (Group D), Tran Duc Minh (Group E), Wing Hoan That (Group H), Ngo Ly Duy (Group I), Wing Trung Minh Trong (Group J) and Heng Manh Tran (Group K) – topped their respective groups.

The second round will begin at 1:00 p.m. ET on April 23. The Koreans will be represented by eight players, including Park Jung-woo and Cho Soo-hyun, who passed the first round, plus 11 players, including Kim Hyung-gon, Jeong Ye-seong, Park Soo-young, Jung Jae-in, and Kim Yoo-hwan.

The tournament will be broadcast live online by Africa TV, while Sky Sports Channel will broadcast key matches from the third qualifying round (PQ) to the final. [Kim Dong-woo, MK Billboard News reporter]

[19 Korean players competing in the second qualifying round (PPQ) of the Ho Chi Minh 3 Cushion World Cup]

=Kim Hyung-gon Jeong Ye-seong Oh Sung-gyu Yoon Do-young Lim Hyung-mook Park Sooyoung Kim Dong-ryong Song Hyun-il Jung Jung-taek Kim Yoo-hwan Park Jung-woo Cho Soo-hyun Lee Tae-geun Go Hyun-woo Kim Tae-hyun Jung Dong-geun Yoo Yun-hyun

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