Moon Seong-min (36), Shin Young-seok (36), and Choi Min-ho (34) are veterans who are in their mid-30s and have entered the twilight of their careers.

Although they belong to different teams now, they are close friends who won the championship together at Hyundai Capital, and they were players representing Korean volleyball. Maybe that’s why, even before the start of the playoffs, they took care of each other’s physical condition and showed off their special friendship by playing around. Even when the winner was decided after a fierce game, they shook hands, congratulated the winning player, and showed sportsmanship by encouraging the losing player.

These are the players who shared many memories at Hyundai Capital in the past. Choi Min-ho is two years younger than Moon Seong-min and Shin Young-seok, but he grew up learning volleyball from them. Moon Seong-min, Shin Young-seok, and Choi Min-ho were passionate players who studied volleyball together whenever they had time, and at that time, Hyundai Capital built a twin tower with Shin Young-seok and Choi Min-ho, two of Korea’s best middle blockers, to form a wailing wall.

And Moon Seong-min was the striker representing the league as the MVP of the regular league in the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 seasons. He was a superstar who attracted female fans with his good looks and skills. 먹튀검증

However, now they have become veterans who lead and support the team rather than being the main players of the team. They do not have the same explosive power as before, but they have the ability to score in decisive matches. In particular, Moon Seong-min completely filled the spot that Jeon Kwang-in lost due to injury in the first game of the playoffs. He scored 18 points, including 3 blocks and 1 serve, and the attack success rate was a whopping 70%. Hyundai Capital, which needed a player to hold the center of the team, was able to win the first game with Moon Seong-min’s great performance.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Capital Moon Seong-min, Choi Min-ho and KEPCO Shin Young-seok played an all-time great match in the 1.2nd round of the men’s playoff (PO) of the ‘2022-23 season Dodram V-League’. Both teams played close matches to full sets in both games 1 and 2, and the game time reached 155 minutes in the first game and 153 minutes in the second game. 155 minutes and 153 minutes were the most game times in the men’s playoffs, literally bloody battles.

The three veterans perfectly performed their duties on their respective teams and played a match that will go down in volleyball history. Now they have the last 3 rounds left. The third round, which determines the teams advancing to the championship match, will be held on the 28th at Hyundai Capital’s home stadium, Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium.

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