It’s a baton touch. 

Kiwoom Heroes won the 2023 Shinhan Bank Sol KBO League Lotte Giants 10-8 at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 9th.토토사이트

Kiwoom is currently facing a breakup with the team’s best star. The main character is Lee Jung-hoo. He has won numerous titles, including the 2022 KBO League MVP. After the end of this season, it is certain that he will advance to the major leagues through the posting system. 

Lee Jung-hoo overcame the sluggishness in the beginning and showed class, raising his batting average to 0.319. However, on the 24th, damage to the extensor zone of his left ankle was confirmed, and he was confirmed to be out for about 3 months. Due to the nature of Kiwoom, which seems to be difficult to advance to the playoffs this season, it is realistically unlikely that Lee Jung-hoo will play in a uniform. Because of this, fans may have already said goodbye to the team’s franchise star a little early.

Because of this, Kiwoom started rebuilding early. On the 24th, we sent Choi Won-tae, a domestic ace, to LG, and instead obtained the nomination rights for Lee Joo-hyung, Kim Dong-gyu, and 2024 1R. From Kiwoom’s point of view, Lee Ju Hyeong, a utility beast, was the key to the trade. Lee Ju Hyeong 

was a promising prospect that LG cherished. , We were able to secure the core of the rebuilding. 

And Lee Joo-hyung has been meeting those expectations to some extent so far. Lee Joo-hyung scored two RBIs by hitting a big double in the bottom of the 4th inning with no bases loaded at the end of the Lotte match. Another walk He also added one more on base and contributed to the team’s victory based on the batting line. 

Until the 10th, Lee Joo-hyung’s batting average was 0.296, and if limited only after Kiwoom’s transfer, he is wielding a hard hit at 0.308. Of course, his batting average alone cannot make up for Lee Jung-hoo’s presence, but at least finding a player with the potential to gradually replace him is a big plus. 

Kiwoom fans are in a sad situation ahead of parting with a star named Lee Jung-hoo (LJH). However, a young gun named Lee Joo-hyung (LJH) is flying around, and this eases the sadness a little. 


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