Will Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti take the helm of the Brazilian national team?

The Brazilian national team, which failed to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, is preparing to appoint a foreign coach for the first time in history. After parting ways with coach Chichi, Brazil once again chose the unprecedented challenge of being a foreign coach for the title of world champion. While Jose Mourinho and Luis Enrique are in the spotlight, the person Brazil wants the most is manager Ancelotti. Coach Ancelotti won numerous trophies by leading prestigious teams such as Juventus, AC Milan (Italy), Chelsea (England), Paris Saint-Germain (France), Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich (Germany). He is currently showing off his continued leadership at Real Madrid. 먹튀검증

The Brazilian Football Association proclaimed that “Coach Ancelotti is one of the most likely candidates”, and rumors of Ancelotti’s appointment to Brazil continue. According to The Athletic on the 1st (Korean time), it is known that ‘Legend’ Ronaldo and Kaka are supporting manager Ancelotti’s trip to Brazil. The two were coached by Ancelotti at AC Milan. In the case of Kaka, he grew into a world-class star under Ancelotti.

Director Ancelotti is also shaken. “It is true that the Brazilian Football Association wants me,” he said. “This fact makes me happy.” But he did not immediately respond, saying “I have to respect my contract with Real Madrid, I love Real Madrid” and “I will be here until Real Madrid let me go”.

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