The Brazilian Football Association drew a knife against racism.먹튀검증

The Brazilian Football Association decided to take strong action against racial discrimination at the government level and announced new rules.

A spokesperson for the Brazilian Football Association said, “Racism in Brazilian football must be severely punished. The Brazilian Football Association decided to penalize clubs for racism for the first time. This rule applies from the Copa do Brazil onwards.”

Racism is more frequent in European leagues. Brazilian winger Vinicius, who plays for Real Madrid, is the target of racism from opposing supporters. In September of last year, he was racially discriminated against by Mallorca supporter Lee Kang-in. Mallorca supporters sang racist songs to him.

Vinicius was also subjected to racial discrimination by Barcelona fans in Barcelona and El Clasico last October. Vinicius filed a complaint with the Barcelona prosecutor’s office, but it was dismissed on the grounds that “the perpetrator’s actions have not been confirmed”.

Attention is focusing on whether the points reduction rule of the Brazilian Football Association will be applied in European leagues in the future

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