Even the outfielder ‘Tulgai’, who was a promising player in American football, could not keep up. LG Lee Jae-won’s 181.8 km/h bullet hit the Jamsil outfield coolly.

The LG Twins won a 7-3 come-from-behind victory against kt Wiz in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 17th. The hero of the come-from-behind and timely hit was Lee Jae-won, a promising player whose stock price soared with a multi-home run on the 16th. Both of the previous two home runs were strong hits of over 170 km/h, but this time the hit was faster than the home run.

Until the 3rd episode, LG was not able to target the kt starter boss properly. In the first inning, Park Hae-min went out with a surprise bunt infield hit, but was caught in check. In the second inning, even though Oh Ji-hwan and Park Dong-won walked on base, they could not score. In the third inning, Park Hae-min got a hit after two deaths, but again no score came out.

Episode 4 was different. Leading batter Austin Dean got on base with a heavy hit, and Oh Ji-hwan picked up a walk and runners piled up. After a fake bunt, Moon Bo-kyung made a heavy hit at the right time with a strong attack. Even Park Dong-won went on base with a walk and became the bases loaded safely. And Lee Jae-won entered the plate. Score 1-2, it was a come-from-behind chance.카지노사이트

Lee Jae-won did not hesitate in front of the opportunity. The first pitch cutter came in low, but I got it right. The line drive stretched out. Center fielder Anthony Alford flew so fast that he couldn’t keep up with the batted ball properly. In the end, it became a double that exceeded the height of the center fielder. Oh Ji-hwan on third base, Moon Bo-kyung on second base, and even Park Dong-won, who started from first base, stepped home.

There was a reason Alford couldn’t easily judge the batted ball. According to Trackman data, Lee Jae-won’s ball flew toward the center fielder at 181.8 km/h. In a normal hit, he might have landed in front of center fielder. However, if the exit velocity is this much, the story is different. The center fielder passed over his head and fell into the space behind him.

With a multi-home run on the 16th and a bullet double on the 17th, Lee Jae-won made the opponent nervous. In the 5th inning, with 1 out, 2nd and 3rd base, Lee Jae-won returned to bat, and kt filled 1st base with an automatic intentional 4th pitch. Lee Jae-won finished the game with 1 hit and 3 RBIs in 3 at-bats, including a shortstop grounder in the 7th inning, before being replaced by great defenseman Jung Joo-hyun in the 8th inning.

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