who is expected to be the future of the Korean baseball mound, and Major League (MLB) icon Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) have something in common. That the quantity and quality of sleep is very important and practiced well.카지노사이트

Moon Dong-ju made his last start in the first half of the away game against LG Twins in the KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 12th. He gave up 5 hits and 1 run in 7 1/2 innings, leading Hotu and Hanwha to a 2-1 victory and winning his 6th individual win (6th loss). His earned run average was lowered from 3.69 to 3.47.

Moon Dong-joo, the ‘high-class prospect’, showed remarkable growth this season, his second year as a member. On April 12, the second appearance of the season, against the KIA Tigers, he recorded the highest speed ever (160.1 km / h) by a domestic pitcher, drawing attention, and repeatedly showed his heavier pitch and his ability to use sophisticated breaking balls. He also stood out for his mental ability to immediately recover his pace even after losing a large number of runs.

Moon Dong-ju looked back on the first half and said, “I think I achieved my goal of finishing the race without getting sick. Since he plays a lot, he definitely seems to have a better sense of maintaining pitching balance.” He continued, “Today (against LG on the 12th), the number of pitches increased and I came down the mound without finishing the innings (8th inning), but I tried to fight to the end. I always stand on the mound with the thought, ‘I will attack the strike zone with an aggressive pitch.’” He expressed his satisfaction that his pitching direction was not shaken.

In an interview that day, Moon Dong-ju mentioned how to manage his physical condition and said, “Sleep seems to play a huge role. I usually sleep a lot, and I try to sleep a lot.”

Moon Dong-ju posted a picture of himself holding a pillow in the locker room in the home stadium (Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park) on personal social media (SNS). They say that they bring their own pillows for away matches so that the pillows do not change and make the bed uncomfortable.

MLB superstar Ohtani also emphasizes sleep. Ohtani appeared on a Japanese TV show and said, “When running is difficult or when I am not feeling well, I think it is because of lack of sleep. It seems that the older I get, the more sensitive I become even if I sleep less than an hour.” When asked about his holiday routine, he replied, “I sleep a lot,” and even laughed during an interview by saying, “I still want to sleep.”

The second must-have item for Ohtani is the pillow. Sleep is the most important thing for recovery, and Ohtani said that he always carries around and uses a special pillow made from the data obtained by measuring the shape of his head and shoulders.

Like Moon Dong-ju, Onati also packs a personal pillow when leaving for an away game. He measured the shape and width of his head and shoulders and made a pillow based on the data.

When I told this to Moon Dong-ju, he opened his mouth saying, “I’m not copying Ohtani,” and then said, “I want to follow him.” I want to be like Ohtani,” and laughed. It was a joke mixed with seriousness. After the game, Moon Dong-ju, who skips breakfast and sleeps for more than 10 hours, smiled brightly, saying, “Then I will do the same,” when the reporters told him, “Ohtani goes to sleep again after breakfast.”

If you get a lot of sleep, you naturally expect that he will also manage his personal life well. Moon Dong-joo is a lumber that can become a representative icon of the KBO league following Lee Jung-hoo. He has the same thoughts and habits as Ohtani, the ‘baseball model’.

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