It was like a blue chip in the FA market. Choi Seong-won (28, 184cm), who received love calls from many teams, chose KGC.

Free agent Choi Seong-won signed a contract with Anyang KGC on the 17th for 3 years and 400 million won in compensation (300 million won in annual salary and 100 million won in incentives). KGC, where Byun Jun-hyung enlisted, recruited Choi Seong-won to maintain a solid guard force along with Park Ji-hoon and Lens Abando.

Choi Seong-won is regarded as the ‘myth of the second round’. After being nominated by Seoul SK in the 2nd round, 3rd place in the 2017 rookie draft, he did not get a chance to say this until the second year season, but from the 2019-2020 season, he has grown into an indispensable player in the team’s power. He won the 2019-2020 season Sixth Man Award for his solid defense and sophisticated 3-point shooting ability. He was also selected as the 5th defensive girl twice.

Choi Seong-won, who received a salary of 91 million won before his enlistment, reached full bloom in the 2022-2023 season after being discharged. He averaged 6.9 points, 1.7 3-pointers, 1.8 rebounds and 1.9 assists in 26 minutes and 30 seconds in 36 games played. In the championship match against KGC, which is now his team, he made a big success with an average of 11.3 points, 2.3 3-point shots, 2.1 rebounds and 2.3 assists in 7 games.안전놀이터

Seongwon Choi said, “I am grateful to KGC for offering good conditions.” He felt that the director wanted me, and he is also from Anyang. He wanted to return to his hometown even if he had to give up anything financial,” he added.

Seongwon Choi, from Anyang, fell in love with basketball as a child while watching KT&G games, the predecessor of KGC. At that time, his favorite player was Joo Hee-jung (currently coach of Korea University). He formally entered basketball through the KT & G youth club, and went through Bee Malcho – Hogye Middle School – Anyang High School – Korea University. Choi Seong-won said, “The house I live in now is Gunpo. I am closer than Jamsil for my family to come to support me,” he said with a laugh.

Choi Seong-won also said, “After being discharged, the number of fans increased. It’s a pity that I left as soon as I came back, but I made the decision because I thought I could improve further. I hope the fans will also look good on it. As the salary increases, the responsibility also increases. It’s something I have to overcome. I will do my best to show you a better image this season.”

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