The last 3 games of the first half. KIA Tigers and Samsung Lions, who traded key players as cards, clashed. This is the Kim Tae-goon-Ryu Ji-hyeok series.

KIA and Samsung will play three matches during the week at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 11th. The home KIA has been on the rise with all wins in the last 5 games, and Samsung, which is in the lowest place (10th place), also recently won 2 consecutive victories against NC Dinos, which has fallen the most in the league. KIA enters the quarterfinals, and Samsung needs to create a foothold for a re-jump in the second half.스포츠토토

Coincidentally, the two teams that traded on the 5th met. KIA gave up ‘veteran infielder’ Ryu Ji-hyeok and received catcher Kim Tae-gun. It was a justified trade for both teams to the extent that the profit and loss calculation was meaningless. KIA had a lot of worries throughout the first half because the starting catcher power was weak, and Samsung needed a veteran to hold the center of the infield made up of young players.

After recruiting Kim Tae-gun, KIA showed a stronger appearance in both offense and defense. Kim Tae-gun continued his strong appearance in the scoring range, recording multiple hits including the final hit against SSG on the 6th, his first start after the transfer. He also showed good chemistry with team starting pitchers such as Yang Hyeon-jong, Lee Eui-ri, and Mario Sanchez.

On the other hand, Ryu Ji-hyeok recorded only 2 hits in 13 at-bats in the 4 games he played in the Samsung uniform. Even when he originally played for KIA, he maintained a batting average of 30% until May, but in 22 games he played in June, he recorded 0.203 and rode a downward curve in his batting cycle.

The batting pace Kim Tae-goon showed last week is above the personal average. Ryu Ji-hyeok is also expected to show a performance that converges to the career average. Many trades do not reveal their profit or loss until two or three years have passed. Right now, momentum and mood change are considered more important.

Both players will play against their home team after a week of trade. Ryu Ji-hyeok wears a blue uniform and meets KIA fans about two weeks after the Kiwoom Heroes match on the 28th of last month. Immediately after the transfer, Kim Tae-gun, who moved from Pohang, where Samsung played, to Incheon (SSG match), and played an expedition to Suwon last weekend, will stand in front of KIA home fans for the first time.

As for the record this season, KIA has a huge advantage with 5 wins and no losses. The KIA lineup scored 5 points in the first meeting of the season on April 22 against Samsung starting pitcher Won Tae-in on this day (11th).

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