Shohei Ohtani, the ‘baseball genius’, dominated the major leagues with plays like the main characters in baseball cartoons. Today, there was a double header, and in the first game, he hit a shutout and hit a home run in consecutive hits in the second game.카지노

The first game of the double header on the mound. At 156 km/h, catch an outcount with an inside fastball and an outside manned ball.

It was a ‘perfect game’ that allowed no batter to advance until Carpenter got a hit in the bottom of the 5th inning.

1 hit shutout. He threw 111 pitches, walked three and struck out eight. It is the first shutout win since his big league debut in 2018.

This alone is great, but in the second game, he transformed into a ‘monster hitter’. In the second inning, after a tenacious fight, he hits a two-run home run over the left fence.

He hit another home run in the fourth inning. consecutive home runs. It is a large solo gun that flew a whopping 138m. 

With his 37th and 38th home runs of the season, he is the leader in home runs overall in the major leagues, far away from second place.

It is the second record in big league history since 1917, 105 years ago, that a player recorded less than one hit and two home runs in one day.

When the rumors of transfer that had recently been raised were settled, the team won a streak by playing like the main character of a baseball cartoon.

Ohtani Shohei
“Now all the rumors are going to go away. I guess we just have to focus on getting the team to the playoffs.”

MVP of this season, virtually confirmed.

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