“It’s all about Jin Yong-i”.

Leader SSG Landers coach Kim Won-hyung congratulated closer Seo Jin-yong on his second consecutive 20-save performance. At the same time, he urged the team to reduce the number of balls that lead to bases-loaded situations.

Seo pitched the bottom of the ninth inning against the KIA in Gwangju on the 7th, leading 9-7, and gave up a Socrates single, a Choi Hyung-woo single to right-centre, and a Kim Sun-bin single to load the bases. However, Ko Jong-wook’s sacrifice fly scored one run and preserved the win.먹튀검증

In the previous day’s game (6th), he was faced with a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the ninth, but caught Ryu Ji-hyuk on a fly ball to centre field and swept him off his chest. The previous games against Kiwoom (Gocheok Dome) on the 3rd and Samsung Electronics (Incheon) on the 30th of May also had the bases loaded in the ninth inning, but both were overcome.

It was the fourth consecutive game with the bases loaded, and the anxiously watching commander’s eyes must have been melting. In the second game against KIA, he gave up five walks.

Throwing his main weapon, a fork, put the ball count at a disadvantage. It was frustrating to see him ducking and weaving instead of making bold, aggressive pitches. Suddenly, after the game on the 7th, a scene of anger in the dugout was captured on the broadcast screen and attracted attention.

Before the game against KIA on the 8th, Kim said, “I was angry from Ko Hyo-joon. We were up 8-5, and I told him that if it’s a one-out situation, don’t give up a hit. Seo Jin-yong did the same, so I said to coach Jung Sang-ho, ‘Throw a dropped ball after two strikes. Please don’t throw that (forked) ball,'” he said.

“The other coaches thought I was angry and tried to stop me, but I shouted, ‘Please don’t do it,’ and they laughed. “If I had broken down yesterday, I would have just gone in without saying anything. I won, so I said what I wanted to say. I was nervous because there were cameras, but yesterday I just said it,” he laughed.

Finally, he said, “I wasn’t even nervous yesterday because there were so many of them. I thought it was going to be nine, and then she got through it again, and I thought, ‘Why is she throwing that ball,’ but she’s been through a lot of tough situations. We didn’t fall apart, so we’re playing well. A lot of credit to Jin Yong-i. Congratulations on your 20th save.”

Kim sent Seo Jin-yong, Noh Kyung-eun and Ko Hyo-joon to the mound for the second straight day, along with the starters for the three-game NC weekend, to Changwon first. “Jong-hoon (Park) should throw a lot today. It will be tough without three bullpen members, but we’ve won two games in a row, so I hope he can pitch comfortably.”

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