KIA Tigers’ table setters Chan-ho Park and Do-young Kim worked hard during defensive training.

On the 12th, when the game between KIA and Samsung will be held, KIA players arrived at Samsung Lions Park and Lapak in Daegu and took to the ground to prepare for the game토토사이트.

Chan-ho Park and Do-young Kim took the field together, and the two players went into the infield with their gloves on and focused on fielding practice by repeatedly catching fast fungo balls hit by coach Ki-nam Park.

As table setters at the forefront of the attack, the two players created chances and recorded a batting average of .300. They seemed to be paying as much attention to defense as they were to batting.

A single defensive mistake often determines victory or defeat. As shortstops and third basemen who have a lot of defensive burden, it was eye-catching to see them continue to communicate even after training to reduce mistakes.

KIA, which rose to 4th place with 3 consecutive wins, predicted Panoni as the starter for this day’s game.

For Samsung, Widener will start. Widener pitched twice against KIA this season and earned two wins. Widener reported his first win since transferring to Samsung against KIA on the 18th.

A video captured Chan-Ho Park and Do-Young Kim participating in defensive training before the game.

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