The American Professional Baseball (MLB) San Diego Padres team, which suffered three consecutive losses, will start the 2023 regular season as a complete batting line from the 22nd (Korean time).

Next-generation star hitter Fernando Tatis Jr. (24), who was punished for playing 80 games by the MLB secretariat after being caught taking a banned substance last year, will return to the lineup.

Tatis Jr. joined the team on the 18th after playing in minor league games and improving his sense of practice. His suspension ends on the 21st when the team travels to Phoenix, Arizona.

San Diego manager Bob Melvin declared that he would send Tatis Jr. to an away game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at 10:40 am on the 22nd. predicted on the 19th that Tatis Jr. would play as the first hitter and right fielder upon his return.

Tatis Jr. gives his original position of shortstop to Ha-seong Kim and Bohartz in turn and turns to the outfielder.

Melvin’s thoughts on the batting order are about to deepen.

Since the start of this year’s season, San Diego’s No. 1 batting order has alternated between Trent Grisham and Sander Bohartz.

Juan Soto and Manny Machado took turns hitting No. 2 and No. 3, and Bohartz also split No. 4 with veteran giant Nelson Cruz.

The 5th batting order was virtually monopolized by Jake Cronenworth, and Kim Ha-seong was placed in the 6th to 9th batting order according to Melvin’s idea.

ESPN predicted that the batting order would be determined in the order of Soto, Machado, and Bohartz if Tatis Jr., who has constitution number 1, enters.

However, since Soto prefers the center batting order to No. 2, the batting order may change slightly depending on the type of opponent pitcher. 카지노사이트

Of San Diego’s “big four,” only Soto is a left-handed hitter, while Tatis Jr., Machado, and Bohartz are right-handed hitters.

Tatis Jr., who debuted in the big leagues in 2019 and recorded 81 homers, 195 RBIs, a batting average of 0.292, and 52 stolen bases over three years, started the 2021 season and signed a contract with San Diego for up to $340 million in 14 years and won the jackpot. burst

However, in March of last year, he underwent surgery on his left wrist injured in a motorcycle accident, and in August, he was caught using an illegal performance-enhancing substance and was punished, missing a full year.

The eyes on Tatis Jr., a drug user, are not kind enough to the extent that the American media complained that it was fair for a player who was being disciplined over Tatis Jr., who was preparing to return to the big leagues this year, to play a rehabilitation game in the minor leagues.

Tatis Jr., who was born with talent, completed preparations for the first time in two years in the big leagues by collecting a batting average of 0.515 (17 hits in 33 at-bats), 7 homers, and 15 RBIs in 8 minor league triple-A games this year.

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