One of the modifiers symbolizing the Korean national team participating in the WBC in March is the ‘Major League Keystone Combi’.

On the 4th, Korea announced the final 30 WBC entries. Among them, there are three players who do not belong to the KBO League, Choi Ji-man (Tampa Bay), Kim Ha-seong (San Diego), and Tommy Edman (St. Louis). All three are expected to solidly support the Korean infield as active major leaguers.

In particular, Edmon is the first foreign player selected by the Korean national team. Edmund, an American born to an American father and a Korean immigrant mother, was selected for the Korean national team according to the WBC rules, which allows him to choose a participating country up to his parent’s lineage. Last year, the KBO Technical Committee asked Korean players to participate, and Edmund responded.

Edmund’s joining the national team is a huge boost to his power. Edmund’s defense is so good that he won the National League Second Baseman Gold Glove in 2021 as a resource that both second baseman and shortstop can do. His hitting came in 459 games of his major league career, with 40 home runs, 274 points, 175 RBI, 79 stolen bases, a batting average of .269 and .732 OPS. In particular, his main focus is excellent, as he has surpassed 30 stolen bases for two consecutive years in recent years, and he is expected to play an active role in international competitions.

And another thing to look forward to is Kim Ha-sung and breathing. Ha-seong Kim, a shortstop representing Korea, replaced the team’s main shortstop due to Fernando Tatis Jr.’s injury and punishment last year, the second year of his major league debut. Kim Ha-seong also made it to the top three final candidates for the National League shortstop Gold Glove, running the infield based on his quick feet and wide range of defense.

Edmon and Kim Ha-sung are evaluated to have infield defense that is comparable to that of all countries participating in the WBC. Many baseball fans are paying attention to the play of the two because they are two players who can be the most important defense in the short-term WBC and run base.

In an exclusive interview with SpotTV News on the 26th, Edmund said of Kim Ha-seong, “I have had several encounters, and I think he is a really impressive player. I thought of him as a similar type of player, and it was a pleasant experience to watch him play.” 메이저놀이터

He continued, “I’m looking forward to working with Kim Ha-seong in the Keystone combination. He is one of the best players defensively at the moment, and I hope we can create a lot of double plays together. I am one of those players who are looking forward to playing, and I hope that we can learn something from each other and build a strong relationship together throughout our baseball careers.”

Edmund called Ha-seong Kim and former colleague Kwang-hyun Kim (SSG) “two Kims” and looked forward to them. Edman said of Kim Gwang-hyun, “When he first came to the United States, he taught me some English words. This time, on the contrary, it would be nice if he helped me to integrate well into the team. He is a really good colleague, and a really fun and nice person. I am looking forward to seeing him again and looking forward to seeing the energy he brings to the field again.”

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