Daejeon Hana Citizen, a professional soccer K-League 1 promoted team, continued its blast at the beginning of the season by destroying “defending champion” Ulsan Hyundai, which was aiming for a 7-game winning streak.

Daejeon, led by coach Lee Min-seong, defeated Ulsan 2-1 in the 2023 season K-League 1 round 7 home game held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 16th. It has been 4,258 days since Daejeon defeated a strong team, Ulsan. The last win against Ulsan was on August 20, 2011 (1-0 win). When the victory was confirmed, the 16,000 home fans who filled the stands went into a frenzy. Daejeon (14 points) rose to 3rd place.

The gap with leader Ulsan (18 points) was narrowed to 4 points, and the competition for the lead began. Daejeon was promoted to Division 1 this season after finishing second in the K-League 2 (2nd division) last season. On the other hand, Ulsan suffered its first loss of the season after losing its opening 7 consecutive wins. If they had won that day, they could have tied the record for the most consecutive wins in the opening of the K-League. The opening 7 consecutive wins is a record held by only two teams, Suwon Samsung in 1998 and Seongnam Ilhwa in 2003.

Midfielder Lee Jin-hyun (26) led the victory. In the ninth minute of the first half, Lee Jin-hyun, who received a pass from Lee Hyun-sik, scored the opening goal with a sharp left-footed kick from the right side of the penalty box. It was a fantastic goal scoring scene where Ulsan goalkeeper Jo Hyeon-woo, who threw his body with all his might, was stuck in the left corner of the goal out of reach. With this goal, Lee Jin-hyun recorded 2 goals and 4 assists this season. It is the highest in the attack point and assist category.

Daejeon allowed Ulsan Rubiksson to equalize in the 17th minute of the first half. At the moment of shaking, Lee Jin-hyun took the center. Thanks to his vigorous activity and accurate passing, he dominated the midfield, so he did not lose the initiative. The winning goal also started at Lee Jin-hyun’s toes. In the 46th minute of the first half, in a counterattack situation, Lee Jin-hyun’s shot hit Tiago’s chest and flowed out, and Lee Hyun-sik kicked it again with his right foot, shaking the net. Lee Jin-hyun suffered a nosebleed during a physical fight with his opponent at the end of the game, but he clenched his teeth and played until the end without a replacement. 메이저사이트

Lee Jin-hyun, whose contract with Daejeon expired at the end of last season, initially prepared to advance to Europe. He also participated in trials for European league teams such as Poland. However, at the earnest request of coach Lee Min-seong, he decided to renew his contract with Daejeon. Called a ‘genius midfielder’ during his youth, he played for Austria Vienna (Austria) in the 2017-18 season. But he couldn’t settle down and returned to Korea.

He failed to establish himself even after going through Pohang Steelers and Daegu FC (above Division 1). In the end, he joined Daejeon, which was in the second division in 2021. Lee Jin-hyun was revived in Daejeon. In the full trust of manager Lee, he established himself as the team’s key midfielder. He recorded 6 goals and 5 assists last season. After the victory, coach Lee praised, “I jumped and won with evil. All players, including Lee Jin-hyun, had a strong will to win.” Coach Lee Min-seong was a member of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup semifinal legend together with coach Hong Myung-bo. It was a more meaningful victory because it was a confrontation between two defenders who dominated an era. Director Lee also said, “I couldn’t allow Ulsan to win 7 consecutive wins in the home room.

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