Hong Kun-hee (31, Doosan Bears) moved the team from KIA to Doosan in June 2020 in a one-on-one trade with Ryu Ji-hyuk (KIA Tigers).

He had the potential to grow to the point where he joined in the top order of the 2011 rookie draft 2nd round (9th overall), but he could hardly get a place in the first team. He had a fast ball that exceeded 150 km per hour, but his command was shaky. 토토사이트

Going to Doosan was a big turning point for Hong Kun-hee. At the time, Doosan coaches including Kim Tae-hyung told Hong Kun-hee to throw the ball with confidence and not to worry about the ball.

He served as a winning group with 3 saves and 17 holds in 2021, and last year he recorded 18 saves and 9 holds as a finishing pitcher.

Hong Geon-hee explained, “I haven’t changed much, but my speed has also increased. At KIA, I didn’t have confidence in my speed, so I didn’t seem to be able to use all my speed. At Doosan, they told me not to worry about my speed and compete with strength, which turned out to be a good result.”

He also improved his expression. He said, “It’s not just baseball, but if you do well, it will brighten up,” and “he hasn’t changed personally.”

As much as he climbed through difficult times, he understood the hearts of his juniors well. He took over the pitching team in 2021, and he will lead the pitching team for the third consecutive year.

Hong Gun-hee said, “My older brothers helped me well and my juniors followed me well, so there was nothing too difficult.

There are no major changes to the pitching staff, but Doosan will make a fresh start this season with ‘Lee Seung-yeop’. At the meeting with manager Lee Seung-yeop, who was called the “national hitter,” Hong Kun-hee smiled, saying, “I remember dealing with him during my active career. It was 3 hits in 10 at-bats.

Although he has consistently thrown a lot of balls in recent years, Hong Geon-hee said, “People around me worry a lot, but I have strength in terms of physical strength, so there is no injury. As the years pass, I throw a lot and my body gets better. I am confident in my physical strength. ” he said forcefully.

Hong Kun-hee said, “Before, I was under a lot of pressure because I couldn’t establish my own style. Now, I’ve been throwing well in good positions, so I’ve firmly established my own style.”

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