England seniors are urging Harry Kane to leave.

Gary Lineker,토토사이트 a striker who played for Tottenham Hotspur, England national team, and critic, said on the 5th (Korean time), “Kane will leave Tottenham. Kane wants to move and I think the time is right. The right club is right. “I have an offer. Munich is a lovely city and Bayern Munich is a great club in world football. Alan Shearer will want to move Kane. He wants to keep the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) all-time.”

Lineker said: “Even if he can’t break Shearer’s record, Kane is England’s and Tottenham’s all-time number one. Team honor seems to be more important now than personal records. Kane is what we need now. Tottenham are unlikely to be in the top four next season either. Even in Munich, Lineker said. There is no chance of not winning a trophy. Kane will be satisfied in Munich and will settle down well. From Tottenham’s point of view, it would be more reasonable to charge him a larger transfer than to send him for free.”

Kane is attracting attention from Munich. Kane is the best striker in the world beyond the EPL and the best player in Tottenham’s history. Tired of continued unrelatedness despite his insane performance. Last season, he scored 30 goals in the league alone, but Tottenham stayed in 8th place in the EPL and could not participate in competitions organized by the European Football Federation (UEFA). Kane, who has one year left in his contract with Tottenham due to continued irrelevance and sluggishness, wants a transfer. He was linked to Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), but the closest was Munich.

After Robert Lewandowski went to Barcelona, ​​Munich lost a lot of weight in the front line. Eric Maxim Chupo Moting performed better than expected last season, but lacked competitiveness. Thomas Müller and Serge Gnabri were used as zero tops, but the limits were clear. Although he barely won the German Bundesliga, he was sluggish in other competitions and his overall performance was not satisfactory, but the front line seemed to be a big problem. That’s why he wants to recruit Kane.

Tottenham tried hard to turn away from Munich’s offer, but interest in Kane continued. Eventually, the leaders of the two clubs met. The meeting was postponed from the day they were originally supposed to meet, but the meeting became a success. John Percy of the British ‘Telegraph’ said on the 1st, “Munich confirmed that Kane’s valuation is short of 23.2 million euros (about 33 billion won) after Tottenham and London talks. However, I plan to continue negotiations. Kane is Munich’s number one target in the summer transfer window and is even willing to break the club record.”

“The Munich delegation, consisting of Munich CEO Jan Christian-Dreessen and general manager Marco Nefe, traveled to London to have lunch with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy to try to break the stalemate. The Munich leadership confirmed that reaching a compromise would take time. “Munich knows they need more than Luca Hernandez, the number one transfer fee ever. Sadio Mane has secured more transfer funds as he goes to Al Nasr.”

England’s ‘Sky Sports’ said on the 4th (Korean time), “Munich has submitted a final proposal. Tottenham Hotspur wants a quick decision. If Tottenham refuses, Munich will look at other targets besides Kane. Munich’s proposal is 100 million euros (approximately 143.7 billion won). There was a difference of opinion on the transfer fee between the two clubs, but Munich has improved and feels that it is a reasonable final offer. If Tottenham accepts this offer, Kane’s transfer will be done quickly.” .

“If Kane goes to Munich, he will receive an annual salary of 12.75 million euros (about 18.3 billion won) for five years. Even after going to Munich, he may return to the English Premier League (EPL) in the future,” he added.

Even with skepticism, Munich intends to spend 100 million euros. Journalist James Butt of the British ‘Telegraph’ said on the 4th, “Tottenham (local time) have until midnight today (local time) to decide whether to sell Harry Kane to Munich. If a deal is not agreed, Kane will spend the last year of his contract at Tottenham and next summer will leave as a free body.” He continued, “Munich will switch to another target if Tottenham does not approve Kane’s transfer. All parties hope that Kane’s future will be decided quickly.”

Reporter Bert also said, “Tottenham tried to renew Kane’s contract, but Kane does not want to stay at Tottenham any longer. Kane has been Thomas Tuchel’s number one target throughout the summer transfer window. We will try to sign with them. Munich is ready to pay a club record. The highest transfer fee in Munich’s history was 80 million euros (approximately 114.9 billion won) for Luca,” he said.

In addition, “It remains to be seen how President Levy will react to Munich’s deadline setting. Coach Tuchel wants Kane to be in the squad before the German Super Cup match against Leipzig. The German Bundesliga opener will be held next week. Whatever it is. The Kane transfer saga is heading towards the end,” he insisted.

Reporter Dan Kilpatrick also mentioned the transfer of Kane Munich. Reporter Kilpatrick is a reporter dedicated to Tottenham for England’s ‘Evening Standard’. Reporter Kilpatrick said: “Munich submitted a final offer and demanded an answer from Tottenham by Friday (local time). The transfer fee is 100 million euros (£86.2 million). He will remain. His future will be decided in a few hours.”

While attention is focused on whether Kane will move on, seniors in England, including Lineker, are urging him to transfer. Rio Ferdinand also said on the 3rd, “I think Kane will leave. The transfer rumor has been around for a long time. In the past, Kane wanted to go to Manchester City, but he was not allowed. “I’ve done great for Tottenham over the years, but unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to get anything out of it. I’ve played my best at Tottenham, but now I have the right to say, ‘Let me do something else’.”

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