KT Wiz continues to cheer hotly at the Midsummer Night Mirrorball Festival.

KT announced on the 30th, “We will hold the 2023 kt wiz mirror ball festival at Suwon KT Wiz Park, where home games between NC Dinos and KIA Tigers will be held on July 1-2 and 8-9.”바카라

The mirror ball party, which is held regardless of the outcome of the match, will include performances by the cheering squad, as well as various events with fans by inviting guests such as singers and DJs.

First, the splendid lineup of invited singers draws attention. On the 1st, there will be a session for singer Ulala, and on the 2nd and 9th, DJ WOOXI and DJ HAKEY will heat up the party with exciting performances. On the 8th, a special performance will be held by the KT cheering squad, including cheerleaders Kim Jo-il and cheerleaders, and announcer Park Soo-mi.

In addition, a mirror ball dancing fighter will be held to select the audience who can dance the best, and Wizpark Skybox tickets will be presented to the winner.

Meanwhile, Mirror Ball Time is a victory performance that the cheering squad and fans enjoy together after the KT game. It is a mini dance party that continues the afterglow of victory with colorful large mirror ball lighting and K-POP, etc. Since last season, it has established itself as a cheering culture representing KT.

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