“We have decided to exclude players with a history of drunk driving, violence, and sexual offenses from the national team.”

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) Power Reinforcement Committee, which discusses the selection of the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team, decided to exclude players who fall under the ‘reason for disqualification’ from the national team.

The Power Reinforcement Committee held a meeting at the Baseball Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul this morning and made this decision. The meeting was attended by Hangzhou Asian Games coach Joong-il Ryu, along with Chairman Jo Gye-hyeon and six committee members.

After the meeting, which lasted about two hours, Chairman Cho Gye-hyun emphasized that he would set a ‘stricter’ standard than ever before in the composition of the national team. Chairman Cho said, “Specifically, the basic goal was to exclude players with a history of drinking, violence, and sexual harassment from the national team list.”

Regarding the assertion that ‘Bae Ji-hwan, who is active in the major leagues, can be selected’ by some, Chairman Cho said, “The composition of the national team cannot focus on individuals.” explained. It is interpreted as implying that Bae Ji-hwan, who had been accused of assault in the past, would be excluded from the national team.

Regarding the question of whether the standards differ depending on the time of the disqualification, Chairman Cho explained, “From now on, the selection of the national team will be based on fairness and transparency.” He added, “We have established a principle of strictly excluding them from the national team for being socially controversial and damaging the dignity of the baseball world as a result.”

It is interpreted that he emphasized again that there is no possibility that An Woo-jin, who was already banned from the Olympics and Asian Games, would not be selected because it was known that he was disciplined for school violence in high school. 스포츠토토

It seems that the establishment of such strict standards for the composition of the national team was in mind of the recent unsavory things in professional baseball. In professional baseball this season, incidents and accidents have continued even before the opening, such as former Lotte pitcher Seo Jun-won’s ‘crimes related to minors’, LG outfielder Lee Cheon-woong’s ‘internet illegal gambling’, and former KIA general manager Jang Jeong-seok’s ‘FA contract demand’.

Regarding this, Chairman Cho emphasized that “the spirit of sports is fair play” and added, “There are ‘obligations and rights’ in professional baseball. The national team should prioritize ‘obligations’.”

He also said he would correct the reality that the national team is recognized as a ‘military exemption tool’.

“In the meantime, there has been a lot of talk about the Asian Games and Olympics because of military exemption,” he said. “I will change it so that it is more important to think about what kind of behavior and mindset to have when wearing the Taegeuk mark by emphasizing the responsibility and duty of the national team.” That’s it.

The Asian Games baseball team consists of players under the age of 25. Chairman Cho said, “There are not many players under the age of 25 who are active in the first team, so there is little accumulated data.” It is an explanation that the reserve entry will be formed with a wide range of players who are currently in good condition, players who are not in good condition but can be good in the future, and players who are currently injured.

The preliminary entry will be announced at the end of April, and the final entry will be announced in June.

Chairman Cho explained , “We are making a mid- to long-term management plan for the national team by looking at the WBC, which will be held in three years.” Regardless of the age limit, three wild cards can be selected.Chairman Cho said, “There were various opinions such as pitcher, catcher, and fielder for wild cards,” and “we will thoroughly review and use them for the necessary positions.”

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