The invincible Ace has been resurrected in perfect shape.

Justin Verlander (40) of the New York Mets of the US Major League (MLB) showed perfect pitching with 6 scoreless innings and 6 strikeouts in an away game against the New York Yankees today (26th).

For the fifth win of the season, he also lowered his ERA (ERA) to 3.24.바카라

Verlander, who signed a contract with the Mets for 2 years and 86.67 million dollars (110.4 billion won) with an astronomical guaranteed amount ahead of this season, who is about to turn 40, did not show his former self at the beginning of the season. He pitched 30 innings during the month of May, going 2-2 with a 4.80 ERA.

However, he rebounded with an ERA of 3.33 in 27 innings in June, and returned to his ace form this month with an ERA of 1.69 in 32 innings. He was also a Quality Start (QS) for the second consecutive game following his 8 innings and 1 run in the previous game.

Ahead of this season, in addition to Verlander, the Mets will add outfielder Brandon Nemo (8 years, $162 million), closer Edwin Diaz (5 years, $102 million), starter Senga Kodai (5 years, $75 million), and second baseman Jeff McNeil (5 years, $75 million). 4 years, $50 million), starter Jose Quintana (2 years, $26 million), catcher Omar Navaez (2 years, $15 million), bullpen Adam Ottavino (2 years, $14.5 million), bullpen David Robertson (1 year, $10 million) million dollars), etc.

It also included the renewal of existing players, but threw a win to win the World Series by pouring a total of more than $500 million. This year’s payroll (total player salaries) was $348.83 million, overwhelmingly ranked first among 30 clubs, and was expected to be one of the favorites to win.

But this year’s results are disastrous. With 47 wins and 53 losses (0.470 win rate), they are in fourth place in the National League (NL) Eastern Division. It is 7 games behind the wild card 3rd place, which is the final postseason line. If there is no sharp rebound, fall baseball is over.

Because of this, there is a prospect that the Mets can become a ‘seller’ that sells key players.

In particular, Verlander and Max Scherzer (38), who have a short contract period and a high salary, are being discussed as trade targets. As the contract expires next year, it means that if the Mets compensate for their astronomical annual salary to some extent, they can exchange it for a prospect from the opposing team and change it to a strategy aiming for next year and beyond. For the Mets, it is a deal that can reduce payroll and plan for the future while throwing away the already ruined year.

In this situation, Verlander’s rejuvenation is expected to be of great help to the Mets. Verlander, who has a lot of postseason experience, is an attractive ‘sale’ for teams with a strong chance of advancing to fall baseball. In particular, if the value has increased by recovering the form of the past as it is now, the Mets will be able to exchange it for better prospects. said, “It’s not clear right now, but a number of clubs are interested in Verlander, the three-time Cy Young Award winner, as a potential trade candidate.” will,” he predicted.

Fans are focusing their attention on whether Verlander will be wearing the Mets uniform after the trade deadline on the 2nd of next month, or whether he will play for the World Series championship on another team as a championship contractor

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