The coaching staff and colleagues still send their trust. After making a mistake, Moon Bo-kyung of the LG Twins, who took heart, became stronger.

LG won 4-2 in the 10th game of the season against Kiwoom Heroes of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 1st and sprinted for 5 consecutive wins. On this day, as SSG Landers lost to KT Wiz 0-8, the gap between leader LG and second place SSG widened by 3.5 games.안전놀이터

Third hitter Moon Bo-gyeong, who formed the center batting line with Austin Dean and Oh Ji-hwan, recorded 1 hit (1 home run) and 2 RBIs in 4 at-bats. There was only one hit, but in the bottom of the 3rd inning when the team was trailing 0-1, it changed the atmosphere of the game with a two-run four against Kiwoom starter Ian McKinney.

In addition, Moon Bo-kyung threw Kim Tae-jin’s battered ball at the beginning of the 7th inning and threw it to 1st base to get an outcount. The catcher Park Dong-won and the call play did not match, but the ball was not missed, and the team and Moon Bo-kyung also swept their hearts.

After the game, Moon Bo-gyeong said, “Nothing has changed, but the hitting point was good and my wrist strength seems to be working well.” He looked back on his home run situation, saying, “I didn’t think about that, so I got a good hit without any effort.”

Regarding the defensive situation in the beginning of the 8th inning, “(Park) Dong-won hyung and the call overlapped, so I couldn’t hear each other. I went to catch it, and the ball bounced while getting hit in the palm of my hand and my arm. .

In fact, Moon Bo-kyung faced a dizzying situation last week. It was at the end of the 12th inning against Suwon KT Wiz on the 26th of last month. The chance to win has already disappeared as they have already scored no goals in the attacking innings, but at least a draw was needed. However, at the end of the 12th inning with a score of 3-3, Moon Bo-gyeong, who did not throw the ball to 1st base when Kim Sang-soo grounded 3rd base, chose 2nd base, but the runners assigned to 1st base arrived before the ball. The official record was third baseman Moon Bo-gyeong’s choice of fielder.

Coincidentally, the follow-up hitter Sang-Cheol Moon’s assault hit also went to Bo-Kyung Moon, and Bo-Kyung Moon was unable to catch it, ending the game with an infield hit. It was the moment when LG’s losing streak increased from ‘4’ to ‘5’. After the game, Moon Bo-gyeong swallowed regret without raising her head.

However, Moon Bo-gyeong said, “(The team lost because we made a mistake (defending against KT Wiz on the 26th) 12 times, and I thought about why we made the mistake, but I think we tried not to interfere with the game the next day.” I think the help I got a lot from him was that I was able to play the game without being intimidated. Everyone must have the idea that I have to do well, but I feel relieved at the thought that I have recovered to some extent.”

Even though he made a particularly big mistake, Moon Bo-kyung was included in the starting lineup for the next day’s game, and helped the team escape its 5th consecutive loss with 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 5 at-bats, including 1 home run. After this day, Moon Bo-kyung has been showing off a good sense of hitting by hitting long hits in 5 consecutive games until the first day of Kiwoom.

Moon Bo-kyung said, “I didn’t want to be left out of the lineup. The coach believes in me, and I had no choice but to live up to that trust and do well.” do,” he said.

However, Moon Bo-gyeong, who emphasized the importance of defense, said, “I feel comfortable when the defense goes well first. Batting has a cycle, so there are times when I hit well or badly, but in defense, a single mistake by me can put the team in crisis. I feel more sorry when I make mistakes in my direction. I think I feel more comfortable when my defense is good and I am confident.”

One of the strengths of Moon Bo-kyung, who did not succumb to mistakes, is his ‘will to participate’. According to LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, Bo-kyung Moon is one of the players he wants to play every day. In fact, since the opening of the season, while LG played 89 games, Moon Bo-kyung did not miss a single game.

Regarding this, Moon Bo-kyung said, “I am confident (of participating in all games). I am still young, so I recover quickly. Isn’t it an honor to play all 144 games? . Rather than the number of games, the goal is to go through the season without getting sick until the end.”

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