He is now KT Man, not Lotte. Infielder Lee Ho-yeon (28) made up his mind anew.

 On the 19th, Lee Ho-yeon wore a Lotte uniform and started against Doosan in the 2nd Division Futures League. He made a timely hit from the first inning and smiled. He was suddenly substituted in the third inning. In his mind, he thought, ‘Is this a first-team call-up? He received unexpected trade news. KT and Lotte traded left-handed pitchers Shim Jae-min and Lee Ho-yeon.

 Lee Ho-yeon said, “Lotte players contacted me a lot. (An) Chi Hong’s older brother was the first to say, ‘It’s a pity that we can’t play baseball together. But since he got the chance, he said, “I want to see him smiling at the baseball field.” My mind was fresh,” he recalled.카지노사이트

 It’s a fresh start. As an infield multiplayer, you have to show off your strengths. Lee Ho-yeon went through Gwangju Jeil High School and Sungkyunkwan University, and was nominated in the 53rd overall in the 2nd 6th round by Lotte in 2018. He played in 1 team 1 game in 2020 and 7 games in 2021. In his last season, he appeared in 88 games. He pitched 172⅓ innings at third base, 155 at first base, 114 at second base, and 42 at shortstop. In terms of batting, he had a batting average of .244 (50 hits in 205 at-bats), two home runs and 16 RBI.

 Lee Ho-yeon said, “I think my main position is ‘multi’. If KT needs a 3rd baseman, I will go to 3rd base, and if 1st base is empty, I will go to 1st base. I will move more according to the situation wherever I am.” “It may be difficult, but it is my job and I have to do it. I am determined to do my best in any position,” he said with strength.

 Hitting is also considered an advantage. Following last year (batting average 0.412), this year also played an active role in the Futures League with a batting average of 0.433 (29 hits in 67 at-bats), 3 homers and 17 RBIs. Lee Ho-yeon said, “It is an active style. If possible, I try to hit within the first and second pitches,” he said. “Lotte hitting coach Lee Byeong-gyu helped me a lot. It got better thanks to that.”

 As soon as he was registered for the first team entry on the 20th, he rose to the starting lineup as a second baseman. It was his first first team appearance of the season. He hit the team’s first hit in the eighth inning, breaking Doosan starting pitcher Raul Alcantara’s no-hitter. He went 1-for-3.

 Lee Ho-yeon said, “I want to show you my skills as much as you expect. He should do better than at Lotte. It is because we have to prove it with results,” he said. “I try to play baseball that can make use of my strengths. I will work hard,” he said.

 “Lotte fans always supported me from the moment I was nominated to Lotte until I came to KT. “KT fans may not know me. I will greet you in a good way at the baseball field.”

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