The New York Mets is a ‘rich team’ that is recognized even in the major leagues. Owner Steve Cohen invests generously in order to win.

here’s one more They also generously give money to players who have left the team.

The amount the Mets have to pay for the three players who have already left the team this season amounts to a whopping $34.5 million (approximately 45.4 billion won).

Robinson Cano should receive $20.25 million, James McCann (Baltimore Orioles) $11 million, and Darin Ruff $3.25 million. 스포츠토토

The Mets acquired Cano in a trade in December 2018 after signing a 10-year, $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners in December 2013.

Cano missed the entire 2021 season, however, in November 2020 when he was suspended for a drug problem once again following 2018.

The Mets eventually released Cano in May 2022.

Cano wore a San Diego Padres uniform, but was released again without performing much. He then went to the Atlanta Braves, but was kicked out without a comeback.

But the Mets must pay Cano a salary through this year.

In the case of McCann, who signed a four-year contract for $40.6 million, he was sent to Baltimore in December of last year, but he has to pay $11 million this year and $8 million in 2024.

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