The trend of growth is clear”.

Kiwoom Heroes is using rookie Kim Dong-heon as a backup catcher. Since Lee Ji-young, the national team catcher, cannot operate at full capacity due to physical problems, Kim Dong-heon wears a mask. It is not easy to appoint a 19-year-old high school rookie as a second catcher. It has so much potential. It is a cotyledon that has the potential to become. 

Kim Dong-heon is from Chungam High School. He also played for the youth team. He is best friends with KIA rookie pitcher Yoon Young-cheol and Chungam High School as a battery. It was obtained by exercising the nomination right (2nd 12th round), which was created in return for the trade of catcher Park Dong-won (LG), who transferred to KIA last year. He is evaluated as the main battle catcher with the ability to block, throw, and even lead. He has been steadily working on it since his first season. 

He appeared in 27 games as a hitter, going 14-for-57 with a batting average of 2.4 and 6 with 4 RBI, 7 runs scored, and an OPS of .686. In the Gocheok match against Doosan on the 18th, he did his part by getting his first three hits in his debut. His potential is huge in his hitting as well. It deserves applause for a high school graduate rookie to hit this level. 

Manager Hong Won-ki said, “We are still cautious about the evaluation of 40 games. Unlike a young age, he clearly has the ability to catch. Although it is hard to say which part is good, the growth trend is clear in the offense and defense. In particular, (personality) is energetic, so the team The energy he put in is also overflowing. This is his strength.” 스포츠토토

In addition, Ace Ahn Woo-jin and Ho-hop also gave passing marks. On the 18th, Kim Dong-heon formed a battery with Ahn Woo-jin and led to victory. “We matched our breath in the 2nd game. The 1st inning struggled a little, but after the innings, we showed a stable appearance. Jiyoung and Dongheon both show a sense of stability that does not make a difference,” he praised. 

In particular, he also announced that he would increase the opportunity for rookie catchers to travel. “From now on, depending on the strategy, we will appoint catchers alternately. Dongheon’s business trips may increase. We will limit the number of catchers to one or two players and increase their utilization by appointing catchers in a wide range. We will give them opportunities to play in various fields.” . 

Kiwoom’s system is optimized for systematic growth of young players. If he shows his potential, he guarantees an opportunity to play and develops him into a starting player in a short period of time. It is not just one or two players who have been raised like that. For rookie catchers, Kiwoom is a land of opportunity. It’s still a long way off, but it’s already a part that makes me wonder if it will evolve to a special catcher.

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