Changwon LG lost 75-82 to Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball regular league held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 24th. 8 away wins in a row failed. Although it maintained second place with 20 wins and 13 losses, it was chased by a half game car by Hyundai Mobis (20 wins and 14 losses), which became the sole third place. 먹튀검증

After the end of the 2021-2022 season, LG newly appointed manager Cho Sang-hyun. The focus of new manager Jo Sang-hyun is to improve LG’s shortcomings. The key is ‘basketball moving together’. Basketball is an organized and organic movement of five people on the court.

All LG players were positive about the color of coach Cho Sang-hyun. I am focusing on the style of director Cho Sang-hyun. There is only one reason. It is to go to the playoffs in 4 years after the 2018-2019 season.

However, there is a regret. It’s just that the players weren’t upgraded. Lack of ornamental resources In particular, the absence of swing man and forward line is severe. Coach Cho Sang-hyun tried to make up for the lack of resources with the Asia Quarter. Justin Gutang from the Philippines was recruited.

Gutang came to Korea on August 7, 2022. SJ Belrangel (Daegu Korea Gas Corporation) was the first Filipino player to sign a contract with the KBL club, but Gutang was the first Filipino player to come to Korea. That was a positive factor.

But he couldn’t get along very well with his teammates. Because his physical condition was not perfect. He tried to get in shape quickly, but was injured. And he couldn’t melt into the color of director Cho Sang-hyun.

However, Gutang worked tirelessly. He wanted to ask questions he didn’t know and show his strengths to his team. And with unexpected strengths, LG was empowered. A sharp pass or quick breakthrough in the 2-2 process eased the burden on Lee Jae-do (180cm, G). He even excited the second big man unit made up of Kim Jun-il (200cm, C) or Dante Cunningham (203cm, F).

It can form a rivalry with Hyundai Mobis and Ronjay Avarientos (181cm, G). They play similarly different games. It has a different charm from Avarientos. Another reason why it is interesting to watch the confrontation with Avarientos.

However, Gutang did not play in the first quarter. This is because the first unit consisting of Lee Jae-do (180cm, G) and Asem Marey (202cm, C) appeared on the court first. LG, who had members as the first unit, finished the first quarter with a score of 24-25. The atmosphere wasn’t bad.

LG also used the first unit at the beginning of the second quarter. Marey held the center, and domestic players ran briskly. In particular, Jeong Hee-jae (196cm, F)’s attack under the goal stood out, and LG took a 28-25 lead in 1 minute and 46 seconds from the start of the second quarter. He also induced Hyundai Mobis’ first time out.

However, LG was shaken by Hyundai Mobis’ second chance point and 3 points. The attack did not go away. 4 minutes and 12 seconds before the end of the 2nd quarter, Gutang was put in for the first time. But Gutang did not become a savior either. LG finished the first half with 40-49.

The first unit was put in in the 3rd quarter. Domestic players such as Lee Jae-do, Yun Won-sang (180cm, G), Lee Kwan-hee (191cm, G), and Jung Hee-jae took part in the game aggressively. In particular, Heejae Jeong and Jaedo Lee’s 3-point shot created a chase flow, and LG threatened Hyundai Mobis with 54-57 4 minutes and 30 seconds before the end of the 3rd quarter.

Gutang returned to the court 2 minutes and 48 seconds before the end of the third quarter. However, he exposed loopholes from the first defense. Avarientos’ momentary breakthrough committed a foul. Free throw foul. Gutang’s poor defense allowed two points, and Gutang, who had to stop the downtrend, finished the third quarter with a 14-point lead (55-69).

The main members of the second unit, such as Kim Jun-il and Cunningham, were put together in the 4th quarter, but Gutang could not come together. In addition, as Kim Joon-il resigned with 5 fouls 6 minutes and 23 seconds before the end of the game, the time for verbal abuse became shorter. Because one of Gutang’s strengths is to save Kim Jun-il.

Gutang did not come out even in the second half of the fourth quarter. He finished the game against Hyundai Mobis by taking 5 minutes and 44 seconds. It failed to add strength to the power of the second unit, one of LG’s strengths. LG also failed to achieve both the second 5 wins of the season and the 8 away wins in a row.

On the other hand, LG coach Jo Sang-hyun said after the game, “There is a turnover problem, but Hyundai Mobis played a lot of irregular defense. Gutang is weak against such a defense. He also has to adapt to the various defenses of Korean basketball. I think that will be my homework,” he said, revealing his concerns about the above. He seemed to be contemplating between the defensive preparations of the other 9 clubs and the playing time of Gutang.

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