He captured the hearts of baseball fans around the world with just one win at the WBC.

Reporter Kim Tae-wook, a Czech romantic baseball player, will show you that most of the players have a separate job. 

The manager who came out to change the pitcher takes off his hat and bows.

He’s the highest tribute to a pitcher who pitches incredibly hard.

Czech starter Schneider gave up just one point against Australia, where Korea lost eight.

A new history of Czech baseball could have been written had it not been for the pitch restrictions.

Schneider’s main job is as a firefighter.

Prior to this tournament, I practiced pitching in my backyard after work.

Schneider is not the only one who splits time and shows his fighting spirit.

Most players have a full-time job, such as teaching, trading, or real estate agents.

Players gathered on vacation because they love baseball.

Everyone was excited like a child when he struck out major league superstar Ohtani on three pitches.

“It was as if the whole world stopped at that moment.”

Even though they are amateur players, they showed off their skills and fighting spirit beyond expectations, such as defeating China, and baseball fans around the world gave them generous applause.

Ohtani, who was deeply impressed by him, also left a message on his SNS saying ‘Respect’.

The passion of the coach was not the same as that of the players.

Director Hatim’s main job is a neurologist.

[Hadim / Czech coach]
“We fought really hard at a high level in 4 matches over 4 days. We are proud of our players.”

Although they failed to advance to the quarterfinals, the Czech Republic, who played happy baseball, were the true winners in the group stage.

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