Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) is receiving a lot of attention from the Premier League team. Although connected to Manchester United, Newcastle United, the “emerging oil money”, also jumps into the race to recruit Kim Min-jae.

European football expert ‘Fabrigio Romano’ said on the 18th (Korean time), “Newcastle United is looking into the situation of Kim Min-jae. Over the past few weeks, scouts have been dispatched to check Min-jae Kim’s performance.” information was provided by

‘Fabrigio Romano’ is a fairly well-reputed journalist in Europe. When ‘Give Me Sports’ announced Newcastle United’s interest in signing Kim Min-jae, major media outlets in the UK paid attention. The media pointed out, “If you look at Kim Min-jae’s performance this season, it’s not surprising at all.”

It was also revealed as an objective indicator. Kim Min-jae led the Napoli championship this season for the first time in 33 years, and within the team, only Giovanni Di Lorenzo played more than Kim Min-jae. According to soccer statistics company ‘Sofascore’, players with higher average ratings than Kim Min-jae in Serie A are Hvica Kvarachhelia and Mario Hu. ‘’ gave a thumbs up, saying, “The stadium averaged 2.8 aerial contests, 1.6 tackles, and 1.2 interceptions.”

Kim Min-jae joined Napoli after only playing for Fenerbahce for one season. In Naples, rumors of a transfer circulated after half a season due to his tremendous performance. It was only natural that he had a top-class influence beyond Serie A to the UEFA Champions League.메이저사이트

Since the winter transfer window, he has been strongly linked to Manchester United. Manchester United dispatched scouts from October of last year to identify Kim Min-jae. I am more interested in Kim Min-jae as he plans to make a major squad improvement this summer. In Italy, there was even a report that “Kim Min-jae has decided to transfer to Manchester United, and only detailed coordination remains.”

The British side drew a line, saying, “It’s not yet at that stage.” Kim Min-jae’s side also announced through ‘Sport TV News’, “I saw the transfer rumors to Manchester United, but nothing has been decided. The season is not over. There is no reason to be in a hurry. I am focusing on finishing this season well.”

If Newcastle United jump in, the transfer market is expected to ignite once more. Newcastle United is in a good financial situation thanks to the investment of Saudi Arabian capital. Manchester United is also a big-spending team, but there are external issues. The Glazers announced the sale of the club in November and are weighing Qatari capital or Jim Radcliffe.

Coach Luciano Spalletti is also considering leaving key players. Among them, it seems that Victor Osimen was given more weight than Kim Min-jae. I recently had dinner with the Napoli president, but he did not ask for Kim Min-jae to stay. ‘Arena Napoli’ reported, “I told him to keep Victor Osimen because he knows that replacing the most important striker in the team is not an easy task.”

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