“The day I’ve been waiting for for six years has finally arrived. I miss you mom.”

The ‘Mongolian Duo’ has finally entered the V-League. The six-year wait has finally paid off.

The main character of the 2023 V-League Men’s Asia Quarter Draft held at the Jeju Sun Hotel on the 27th was Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which won first place, nominated Eddy, a student of director Kim Sang-woo during his college days.

Ryohei Iga (Korea Electric Power), Mark Espeho (Korean Air), Bayar Saihan (OK Financial Group), Chai Peichang (Hyundai Capital), Liu Hongmin (KB Insurance), Issey Otake (Woori Card), each embraced the V-League. .

Eddie (24) and Bayarsaihan (25), both from Mongolia, came to Korea six years ago with a dream of playing volleyball. Eddy entered Sungkyunkwan University and Bayar Saihan entered Inha University, and developed volleyball skills while waiting for Korean naturalization and the rookie draft. However, in addition to the 5-year stay in the nationality law, tax payment regulations were added, and naturalization was put on hold.

As a result of overcoming despair and applying for the newly established Asia Quarter Draft, Eddie entered the V-League as the 1st and Bayarsaihan as the 4th. After the event, the two were interviewed side by side.

Eddy smiled broadly, saying, “I was so happy when my name was called. I’ve been waiting for this day for six years. I’m able to show a better image because I’m with the coach who gave me the volleyball skills I have now.”

He continued, “(Although he was not called up to the 3rd rank), I was not worried because I know Bayar Saihan’s skills.” On the other hand, Bayarsaihan said, “I was so nervous. I thought I hadn’t done well in the tryout.”

Bayarsaihan met Shin Ho-jin again, whom he played with at Inha University. He was delighted, saying, “Before coming to Jeju Island, I worked out with Shin Ho-jin in Incheon, and he said, ‘Come with our team’ and it really happened.”

The two mused, “Since high school, I have lived apart from my family and suffered a lot. I miss my parents. I have become a proud son to my parents.” He said he could go home about once a year, but he couldn’t go home for a long time because of the corona pandemic. 토토사이트

He said that the naturalization process could be as short as two years as the five-year stay had already passed. If naturalization takes place, you will be eligible to challenge the rookie draft two years later. Both of them said in unison, “I came to Korea to naturalize from the beginning. If it becomes possible, I will do as much as I can.”

“I thought, ‘I want to stand there too’ while watching my friends go to the rookie draft. I feel so good that I can’t say anything because my name is being called and I’m wearing professional team clothes (Bayarsaihan).”

“I think blue suits me well. I want to set a good example for Mongolian juniors (Eddie).”

Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo said, “Attack power was the top priority. From the beginning, it was Eddie who came first.” “At first, I weighed less than 80 kg. I was a player who only liked to attack.

“Eddie’s life as a player in Korea has not been easy. He has been with me throughout the entire process. I am very attached to him. I will help him to do well.”

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