Can’t lie about one’s age? Max Scherzer (39), a veteran pitcher of the New York Mets, felt symptoms of abnormalities in his body again and failed to start. 

Scherzer was scheduled to start the 2023 major league away game against the Cincinnati Reds held at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on the 10th (Korean time), but suddenly complained of a neck injury and was unable to participate., the official website of the Major League Baseball, said, “Shurzer had a neck problem during training on the 8th and received acupuncture treatment as usual. However, he woke up on the 9th still feeling discomfort in his neck, and his condition did not improve until the 10th, and he failed to start,” he explained the reason. 

Scherzer also experienced neck cramps while playing for the Washington Nationals. Because of this, he was not in 100% form in the 2019 World Series. said, “It was a previous injury, so Scherzer himself believes that he will get better soon. According to Mets manager Buck Showalter, Scherzer is expected to return to the starting mound on the 11th at the earliest.” 카지노사이트

Scherzer tried to improve his condition through medication before the match, but failed. He said, “I made the mistake of treating myself with Toradol (a type of pain reliever) before the game. I thought that if I threw the ball after getting the shot, everything would be fine, but it didn’t happen.” 

Scherzer, who signed a three-year, $130 million (approximately 172 billion won) super-large contract with the Mets prior to the 2022 season, is suffering from injury risks in his second year. He’s also been sluggish with a 5.56 earned run average with 20 strikeouts and 10 walks in 22⅔ innings in five starts this season. He pitched only 6 innings in 5 games, and was also suspended for 10 games for violating the rule against the use of foreign substances. said, “The veteran Scherzer has been battling shoulder and back pain most of the season. Because of his injury, he repeatedly had to postpone his April appearance schedule. In the recent appearance against the Detroit Tigers, even a decrease in velocity occurred,” he said, revealing his concern for the 39-year-old veteran pitcher. 

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