“It is more important that the team play a better game than 100 wins.”

Changwon NC Park on the 12th. A small event was held in front of the NC Dinos dugout, which returned with a 50% odds after defeating the ‘Nakdong River rival’ Lotte Giants 11-2. It was a place to celebrate coach Kang In-kwon’s 100th career win. In 2021 (4 wins), when he briefly served as head coach, former manager Lee Dong-wook, after the contract was terminated, went through the 2nd acting season (58 wins) and took over as a full-time coach. Reached 100 wins.카지노사이트

However, what coach Kang remembered was not the joy of winning 100 wins, but the rebound of NC. After lowering his body, Coach Kang said, “It’s 100 wins thanks to the players.” “It’s more important for the team to play better than 100 wins. We will do our best,” he stressed.

In his first year as official manager, Kang’s first half was like riding a wave. At the beginning of the season, he was on the rise with consecutive wins and once aimed for the lead, but as injuries came out one after another, he continued ‘gum baseball’ to fill the empty spot with young players. In the midst of this, he made the decision to cancel the first team for veteran Park Gun-woo, who had left the original team. After former manager Lee’s contract was terminated last year, he played 111 games as an agent and won 58 wins.

After debuting as a pro at Hanwha Eagles during his active career and retiring from Doosan Bears, he started his leadership career in 2007 as a battery coach for Doosan Futures (2nd division). Afterwards, he joined the NC founding coaching staff and spent two seasons, returning to NC in 2020 after passing through Doosan and Hanwha. Although he has a quiet and docile personality, he has gained strong trust from the players of each team he has been through with discipline and strong leadership. The evaluation of ‘Leader Kang In-kwon’ is consistently high in other teams.

This is evidenced by the fact that it was the players, not himself, who welcomed Coach Kang’s personal career of 100 wins. Eric Peddie, who became the sole leader in league wins (12 wins) with the victory over Lotte, said, “I’m happy that today’s victory can be with the coach’s 100 wins.” Kwon Hee-dong, who laid the foundation for victory with multiple home runs, also congratulated, saying, “I hope you will have 200 and 300 more victories in the future.” Captain Son A-seop said, “The coach always trusts the players. Our players have to become one like now and repay the coach. I want to win more victories with the coach in the future. As captain, I will give strength by the side.” did.

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