iwoom Heroes signs a strategic partnership with the Arizona Diamondbacks of the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB).토토사이트

The purpose of this partnership is to exchange know-how in managing the teams of the two clubs. The main contents include the dispatch of staff from both clubs’ operation parts, sharing of information related to team management through regular meetings, and sharing of data on foreign players.

On September 8th, in the game against the Gocheok Hanwha Eagles, a high-ranking official from the Arizona club will visit, observe the on-site work, and hold a partnership signing ceremony. Prior to this, an Arizona club R&D part employee joined from the Daegu Samsung Lions game today (25th) and accompanied the Kiwoom power analysis team during the weekend’s three consecutive matches.

Kiwoom is also planning to send its operations part employees to the US in the near future. They will experience the field work of the Arizona club, which is in the regular season.

In February, Kiwoom held a spring camp at Salt River Field in Scottsdale, USA, the site of the Arizona team’s spring camp. At the time, the Arizona team showed interest in Kiwoom’s team management method, such as the secret to producing a large number of major leaguers and how to strengthen and maintain the team power enough to advance to the postseason every season. At this time, as conversations between Kiwoom and Arizona club working-level staff came and went, various consensus was formed, and through detailed discussions, it led to the conclusion of a partnership.

An official from the Kiwoom club said, “There are many similarities to the Arizona club in terms of team management. If we exchange each other’s know-how, synergy will be created,” he said. “By utilizing the advanced techniques and operational know-how of the Arizona club in accordance with our club’s situation, we hope that it will serve as an opportunity for the team to grow one step further. We will also actively provide things that can help the Arizona club.”

Meanwhile, Kiwoom entered into a strategic partnership with the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball in 2014 and has years of experience in business exchanges.

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