Uniforms are also in an era of differentiation and individuality.메이저사이트

The uniform is an indispensable element of football. There is also a differentiation here. Ahead of the new season, each team is unveiling their own uniform, and differentiation is being made by dissolving the characteristics of the hometown and containing the history.

First of all, Jeju United incorporated themes and stories symbolizing Jeju Island into its uniforms. In particular, the design of the home uniform was conceived from one of Jeju Island’s tourist attractions, ‘Saryani Forest’. When looking upwards in the forest of Saryeoni, the image of trees thick with leaves was embodied. The rough and intense image was imprinted with the crack technique effect. This is a promise to Jeju fans who yearn for a beautiful yet powerful performance.

Pohang Steelers, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, paid homage to the shield-type emblem that was applied to the founding uniform. In the first year of its founding, it was painted orange, the uniform color of the Pohang Iron and Steel Football Club. It presented the color of ‘orange gold’ with the orange light emitted by the molten iron and the golden light symbolizing the club’s 50-year history. On the front of the uniform, the shape of the surface of the molten iron in the blast furnace was reinterpreted as a pattern. In the pattern, graphics that signify the club’s 50th anniversary history are also placed. In addition, we prepared a special kit, which the team will wear for the first time in the 15th round home game.

The same goes for FC Seoul, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary. It is in the form of a simple stripe with black and red divided into left and right halves. The red part, which reflects the color of the founding uniform, symbolizes the ‘past’ of the club, and the black part symbolizes the ‘present’. The thin stripes of the founding uniform were also borrowed from the 40th anniversary uniform. Four lines were drawn on the front and back to give the meaning of the 40th anniversary of the foundation.

Division 2 teams also differentiated themselves. Cheonan City FC, which enters the first two divisions, wears sky blue tops and black bottoms. The sky blue symbolizes the sky in the place name of Cheonan, and the black color reminds us of the black skirt of martyr Yu Gwan-soon, who took the lead in the independence movement, and symbolizes the history of the independence movement in Cheonan. FC Anyang also paid homage to the shield-type emblem applied to the founding uniform. A new shield-type emblem was engraved by inserting ‘2013’, the year of the club’s founding, and ‘2023’, the year of the 10th anniversary. The 10th anniversary English logo was put on the chest to add meaning to the 10th anniversary.

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